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August 25, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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There is an underground living network,
Connecting all life on earth,
As I listen with my whole body,
I know what, when, and where is my work.

Hola Initiates!

While I made light of it in the Pele Report this week, the polarization occurring as the earth orbits between the personal planets and all the outer planets is intense. The opposition aspect itself requires personal shadow work to discover our negative projection versus the actual external reality that we are experiencing. It takes so much to own that we are creators of our reality when the reality is nasty! Whew! We’ll be seeing opposition arising both within and around us for the next couple of months as Jupiter and Saturn won’t go direct until October.

In addition to the opposition aspect, we also have many 150 (210) degree quincunx aspects happening. One always comes before the opposition (180 degrees) and one after (210 = 360 – 150). These challenging aspects are associated with health issues, humbling experiences, and the necessity to adjust (working harder, reviewing, listening, and incorporating advice, finishing, quitting, being left, losing, getting fired, etc.) to external conditions, people, and pressure. While they are generally considered a minor aspect, I see them as major.

I talk about these aspects at length in my “Interpreting the Quincunx Aspect”video that is available in my online store or comes with enrollment in the New Paradigm School of Astrology (find out more HERE). Right now, we are collectively experiencing several quincunx aspects. However, for those of you with planets in the signs from Leo – Scorpio, you are experiencing outer planet quincunx’ to your natal planets that last for years.

Astrology helps guide us through these changes in many ways, one of those being the timing (when they are coming and going) and what the soul is trying to achieve, do and evolve (the planets/signs involved). In general, my approach with these aspects is that they call us forward, which often involves leaving the known, safe, and familiar behind. Secondly, they also deal with the emotions surrounding both guilt and shame being directed at us by others and our environment. It is up to us to learn and grow from these experiences without getting pulled down, intimidated, or stopped. Go for it!

There is an underground living network,
Connecting all life on earth,
As I listen with my whole body,
I know what, when, and where is my work.

Indeed, the astrology is pointing to a mixed bag of energy this week. Some folks are hitting the streets (or social media) to protest, and others are tapping into the underground network to co-create a new paradigm. Perhaps some will do both!

One way or the other, the certainty is uncertainty and unpredictable change. The Sun Squaring the nodes is indicative of rock jumping across the river… no slipping now! We’re transitioning, and it is a big transition for a large number of people (all humanity), so the going is going to be slow and long. We’re in this for the long haul. That’s why we’re here…. Let’s come together.

Here’s a great vid I just got today from Jean Nolan that is quite inspirational (LOL). Check it out!
Are You Ready for the Country?
And Venus in Libra asks us who are we without each other?

So Much Love,


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