Whether I call it work or play,
It's time for me to seize the day,
Roll up my sleeves and get down to business,
To cook up a world that is warm and delicious.

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Full Moon in Pisces, woo hoo! Time to connect, dance, sing, play, and enjoy! Hopefully you can be out in nature, hugging some trees, hunting down gnomes, and talking to fairies. The only challenge there, as pointed out in this week's report, is the possibility of going overboard with food, drink, and/or dancing until you drop.

The full Moon is accompanied by Venus and Mars coming together to love, laugh, and play in Leo. It is a wonderful time to see how balanced and integrated you have your masculine and feminine sides. Simply witness how much love, competition, passion, or lack thereof manifests for you this week. If it is not quite what you would like, this can be a time to find out why, heal, release, and open, so over the next couple of months that changes! Go for it!

I am sorry to have spaced out Lilith, who moved into Libra on the 24th!!!!! OMG!!! Big shift for the shadow worker! I will have to catch you up on that next week, when hopefully I am more grounded haha!

To understand more about this Venus/Mars conjunction, Lilith in Libra and her connecting with the Moon's north node, I gave a talk that is now available regarding evolving the masculine and feminine for a new paradigm. You may want to check it out HERE

21 thoughts on “August 26, 2015 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Brother Kaypacha,

    Carpe diem 🙂 …. I am Verklempt! Haha.
    Wring out the Heart, so the Energy can be Recoiled, to radiate the Muses, bombardment and collisions of playful accidents in creation with everyone!
    Sometimes (happy) hens produce two yolks. So technically, on that occasion, you might only have to Break One. 🙂

    Gratitudes always ~ In lak’ech

  2. What a beautiful message Aug 26 Thank you for your guidance It is so helpful. Bless you dear Kaypacha. So much Love Daya

  3. Welcome to my neck of the woods. I often go to the West side of San Juan Island and look at its big big Sister, Vancouver Island.
    What beauty.
    I am thinking that the Sun and Jupiter are going over your ascendent also. Charge!

  4. Hi Kaypacha!
    I was trying to find the relevant pele report, but had trouble finding it. I know what kind of bird your mystery bird is, if no one has already told you. It’s a mannequin bird! Aren’t they neat?
    Love ~

  5. Thank you so much for giving these reports 🙂
    We know that sometimes it asks a lot of you to do it every week. But the thing you give is so precious for so many people.
    The cleansing made you very beautyfull and it was very easy for the spirrit people to support you.
    They will feed you, aspecaily when you need there help as it is hard to do your repport.
    Love you so much for what you do and who you are.

    Lisa Kausalia

  6. I want to say that I really appreciate your interpretations . I am a virgo, believe it or not . And you strike a chord in my soul and it makes me happy.
    I really appreciated venus meditation and hope to participate in more such open meditations on special days . It did not work at all in the same way when I listened to it afterwards. I wish you all the best and hope that all this love comes back to you and give you strength to continue to share all this inspiration .

  7. Thank you for returning to the format that we love and appreciate…It is good to see you again and to walk
    in the garden and forest with you…The Pele Report is excellent…

    • I so agree, you rocked it, Man! Lovely to see you pure and true and up in our part of the world. We’re here on Whidbey Island and we love you! Glad to see you again and all your gestures and expressions. It’s not the same without seeing you.

  8. Namaste Beautiful Kaypacha aka Tom Lescher your family name translates in French to ‘the dear one’ Les chèr….Your my ‘Chérie” astrologist..or in English’ dearest’ :0
    Can you share your thoughts on the 4 Blood moons we are experiencing these last 11 months..Would love to hear your point of view..last one is on Sept 28th..
    Thanks, I love listening to you!

  9. Thank you, Kaypacha, for that beautiful pele report! My husband and I have been driven to do some much needed painting on our house this week and your report spoke to me perfectly. Namaste and bless you on your travels!

  10. Thank you Kaypacha for your beautiful methods of delivering the messages of the universe.

    I am doing some deep work which is painful to bear, and have found it hard to continue. It’s easy to believe we are alone on this journey, so thank you for giving me the strength to go back into the kitchen. I’ve got an omelette to make!

  11. Thank you so much for giving us the gift of your loving and lovable personality again as you “deliver” your Pele Report! You make me smile and sometimes chuckle out loud – and that has the ability to completely shift my day. You are one of a kind and I hope you know without a doubt, from all those comments last week, how much YOU and your unique way of speaking to us and simply “being” with the astrological aspects each week are the heart of your reports.
    THANK YOU. Much love and great gobs of appreciation.

  12. Could not agree more!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for returning to your original format!! YOU are the inspiration, not the chart. Thank you for interpreting the facts into something I can relate to. Love to see your face and hand movements!! Namaste

  13. I have been hooked on the Pele Report for years. I love your insights and bright beautiful perspective. I am traveling long term to New Zealand from the states and am wondering if the Southern Hemisphere is still applicable. Of course I’ll still listen but I’m curious of the effect. My Gemini rising brain is inquisitive and would love to hear your take. Many thanks for all you do.

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