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As I prepare to journey,
Outside the realm of the known,
The most important thing I need,
Is love in my heart and a song.


Haha! Yeah! frickin' song, that's right, no typo! Sometimes we can take it all too seriously and our brains, hearts, and nervous systems need to take a break! Well this is one of those times! With the new Moon in Leo (play) setting the tone for the month and then moving into Virgo (healing) to join with first Venus, then Mercury, Jupiter, and the North Node it is a time to nurture and heal ourselves with some good self lovin' and a song.

In this video, I go into the importance of "play," as play is really a super important part of life that has been downplayed (get it?), said to be for children, and often judged as a sign of immaturity and irresponsibility. I challenge that as play is a powerful means of getting in touch with our true core Self, originality, creativity, and ultimately, artistic self expression which serves to beautify, heal, and bring joyful love into the world. Now how immature and irresponsible is that? Thought that was what we are here for haha! Injoy!

4 thoughts on “August 3, 2016 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Kypacha, if we’re leaving the masc. & going into the fem.; will it last another 5,000yrs?
    And then what, switch back to masculine?
    Just want to make an informed choice for the next Lifetime :o)

  2. Thank you for sharing the scenery of your journey. Too often we play on the outer branches of learned understanding (tradition), finding ourselves wondering why our lives aren’t working… Continually grasping for branches (meaning)… Until something within finally says it’s time to venture towards the trunk of the tree, climb down from the ivory towers of outer understanding to utilize the trunk to help us down to the ground… Once on the ground we sit and rest leaning against the strength of the tree, which also provides us shade… Sitting there, our mind wanders becoming curious of what makes the tree so strong as to support itself and all that traverses it’s presence… Looking around we find roots that grant the tree’s stability and provides part of it’s essential nourishment… Looking up we see the leaves fluttering in the breeze absorbing the light that also brings nourishment… We can play in the solar plexus (survival), or realize that without the heart (unity) and it’s circulation we can’t live… It is the axis between what is above and below (such as the trunk which bridges the axis between the nourishment gathered by the leaves and the roots)… Understanding comes when the chakras are no longer separate, but instead they become like the unifying trunk of the tree allowing the flow of energy to circulate throughout our Being… At some point, awareness extends beyond the boundaries of our bodies to be in union with All that is… As we blend, boundaries melt away and a renewed awareness comes into focus… The only thing that separates us from Source, is our thinking… We are One with All… Namaste…

  3. FIRE FIRE FIRE FIRE! TREES trees trees trees. Uncontained fire near my house! Rebellious growth burned 14 days so far.

    I painted yesterday and taking a gospel singing class in two weeks. Guess I am aligned!

  4. With Uranus and Eris conjunct in Aries we want to rebel and take action to disrupt what is unfair in the country. Eris is the feminine warrior in the sign of Mars the male assertiveness factor. This is in Aries which is about pioneering something new and Uranus makes it unique and surprising. This is the needed Revolution that we are working on.

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