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I can point my finger,
And blame others for what is,
But ultimately I am responsible,
For creating (or not) my bliss.

Well, the mantra pretty much sums it up now doesn't it? The downside of Lilith conjunct Saturn in Sag is self righteousness. And with Mercury conjunct Mars it may be a time of bumping into folks with the tendency to convince, convert or condemn! Both personally and collectively, individuals and groups can get to nit picking and fighting over who's right and who's wrong, missing the opportunity to accept diversity within unity. There's room enough in the universe for individuals to hold opposing beliefs according to the needs of their soul evolution in this lifetime, but, when the love, compassion and forgiveness are missing, it can get messy!

As I mentioned in the video, we've got Saturn backtracking over the same degrees it's crossed since the beginning of the year, pretty much for the rest of the year. This gives us all a few months to make the changes and integrate the downloads received through the eclipse. Mercury/Mars may want to push the process impatiently so it is important to breathe, relax, spend time in nature, and listen to what the trees have to share. I bet they tell you to chill out, take your time, and smell the roses! Injoy!


7 thoughts on “August 30, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Kaypacha, thank you for me receiving your 💜Felt message

    I always enjoy the Pepe reports and well, anything I’ve seen you post as well. With my grateful heart❤️

  2. Thank you so much for your generous heart felt sharing Kaypacha and your amazing team. Tuning in with these Pele reports have been constantly reassuring, nurturing and balancing during these times of huge transformation. I hope to join you on a workshop in the near future so until then sending much love and gratitude to you all Abbey xxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. Being a Sag I have found your pele report to be both validating and right on point to the truth. Through this challenging year of purification your forthrightness and authenticity has been and continues to be inspiring. Thank you for being on the planet at this most needed time to help us all manifest light in the world.

  4. thank you Kaypacha – I could feel your loving energy run through the planets as you showed them on the recent video – I feel that you have contributed to the opening of my heart chakra at his very needful time. Thank you for your open ness and fun. Namastse

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