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August 4, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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I will not be shamed, forced, or coerced,
But will follow my voice within.
Knowing that I am guided,
And not subject to other’s whims.

Hola Rebels!

Let the cries ring out, the bells toll, and the revolution begin! These days, Uranus, the focal planet in the Sun/Mercury/Saturn/Uranus T-Square, brings the call to arms! In many ways, the pressure has been mounting (waxing) since the Sun was conjunct Saturn over six months ago. Then, three months ago, it passed by Uranus for an enlightening conversation. Now, at one with Mercury, he calls out for a new paradigm of understanding, freedom, sovereignty, dignity, and autonomy.

Let us remember that Mercury, ruler of the north node in Gemini right now, is also conjunct the Sun/Moon and has been silenced and suppressed by Saturn for some time also. So we can expect an explosive release of the pent-up energy to erupt this week. As conscious loving beings, our task is to find calm, peaceful, and yet firm ways to express our dissatisfaction with the status quo and the way things are while ingeniously envisioning and communicating exciting alternatives! It’s easy to complain. In fact, it is often a sign of weakness when not accompanied by solutions or ways in which the problem can be solved.

The solution that I have found most profound, helpful, and enlightening is the wisdom of the stars. Therefore, I am now founding the New Paradigm School of Astrology with the hope that the awareness, beauty, and understanding brought about through the study of the heavens may help improve the lives of terrestrial beings. We are in the process of reworking and expanding the NPA website, redefining the community, and adding to the student area. By the upcoming New Moon in Leo next week, we will begin enrolling those who wish to become certified new paradigm astrologers, and we hope you are one!

Stay tuned as we will announce, explain, and open the school with that new Moon. In the meantime, know that you are now in the closing, balsamic phase of the last Cancer Moon cycle, and it’s again time to let go of the old, not take any setbacks too personally, or let Saturn get you down. There is just work that needs to be done, and we’re all in training to prepare us to do it. You’ve got this!

I will not be shamed, forced, or coerced,
But will follow my voice within.
Knowing that I am guided,
And not subject to other’s whims.

There comes a time when enough is enough, and this is one of those times. It’s time to draw a line in the sand (or wherever there is a line needing to be drawn)! “This is OK, that is not, this is me, that is not, I’ll do this, not that, take this, not that…” You can fill in a few more, I believe! This process can be exhilarating or nerve-racking, and terrifying, depending on you. I will also say, depending on the amount of self-knowledge and self-love you have managed to gather through life.

The time has come, for each of us, to take a stand. According to who we are, what we believe, and what we want our lives and earth to look and feel like both now and in the future. We are at a tipping point.

However, unlike a teeter-totter that will go one way or the other the instant there is an unbalance, this tipping point could go on for several years as 8 billion people figure it out. As I mentioned in the report, I will discuss this in another, longer, more detailed video on Bitchute. To view my “Astrological State of Affairs – August 2021 Update” 👉 click here.

You might tell someone, or they might tell you to “Go Your Own Way.”
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So Much Love,

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