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When I acknowledge the suffering,
And fully feel the pain,
It opens my eyes to the mystery of Life,
That wonder and joy may come in.


Welcome Solar eclipse!  A great New Moon happening in Leo this weekend, oh yeah!  As I mention in the report, I feel like this will be a reemergence out of SOME (haha!) of the chaos we've been experiencing through this eclipse season.  It probably won't really settle down a bit for awhile, more by the end of the month when Mercury, Mars, and soon Saturn will go direct..... September and October will bring the gifts for all this hard work, so hang in there!

I forgot to mention one of my favorite songs!

Leonard says it all again:


So Much Love,

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4 thoughts on “August 8, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thanks for getting back into some nature for the Pele Report! I checked out Leonard’s music video as you suggested. It fits beautifully as a compliment to this weeks message. I put my hands on your nose and eyes to send some more healing energy; hope it helps. Can’t remember what day your birthday is but I know you are a Leo, so Happy Birthday on your special day. Gratitude, as always, for your awesome reports. We’ll all make it through these intense days together. Sending so much love.

  2. That was such a lovely report! I found myself listening to your report in the middle of the night during these last two weeks.. finding releive and confirmations.. being awake when everybody else is supposed to sleep. Ohhh it’s so good to listen to you. Lot’s of healing to you and thank you so much again to put all this turmoil in perspective. Lots of love

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