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When driving through a thunderstorm,
I take my foot off the gas,
And proceed with caution, looking for options,
Going slow as I let it pass.

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Coming to the "heart" of the eclipse season here, between the lunar and solar eclipses. Hold onto your hats as "solar winds" blow your mind! Certainly a time for unexpected happenings, meetings, gains and losses that can be disturbing, unsettling, and yet reveal deep needs, secrets, and truth.

With Mercury stationing - retrograde Saturday for its usual 3 weeks, I'd put the word out to stay chill, move into your "witness" and definitely look before you leap into anything too permanent. It's opposite Neptune now reflecting a possibly over idealistic, naive, and innocent approach to relationships and more. This rose colored glasses effect can leave us gullible and open to deceit and simply straying off track.

At the same time, Venus opposite Pluto will offer you a beautiful, primrose path right down into the underworld haha! Good to observe your emotional body too as it aches and longs for emotional connection but bumps into old programs and conditioning blocking the exchange. Oh well, live and learn and love through it all..... until later..... namaste'

Oops... blew it around 3:30 and said that Mercury conjuncted Pluto last November 25th..... NOT.... duh.... Venus conjuncted Pluto starting the Venus/Pluto cycle leading the to opposition Tuesday. That's what I get for doing these things too early in the morning!

4 thoughts on “August 9, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hey Kaypacha, such a joy to see you at Dalkey, scene of some legendary partying in my youth… and Newgrange – so special. But I am curious, can you tell us more about those beautiful paintings of the tree goddesses at the beginning of the report?
    Happy travels x

  2. I just LOVED this one!! and I watch them every week..guidance like nothing else.
    Thank you for sharing the pics at the end too- beautiful!!
    You truly do vibrate a new paradigm.
    Thanks Kaypacha!

  3. I ditto what Kate says and again THANK YOU very very much for your amazing guidance <3 😀 Those tornadoes and the disillusionment has been so difficult. I'm not sure where my hope went. But when I hear you say 'let it pass' and 'Might as well enjoy it' you help lighten it up. And I was about to sign a contract that would be a huge decision, but it isn't necessary to move on it yet, so I'm taking your advice to wait and watch for this time.
    Namaste, not sure if that's saying very much, don't feel very Devine these days. Thx.

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