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January 2021

First Quarter Moon at 01º 01” Taurus
Jan 20, 2021

by Gonca Kalabalik Last week, the new Moon conjunct Pluto set the month's tone, serious and determined to change. This week, she seems to be even more determined to help us find our most profound and rebel self and to find our nakedness in a world seemingly run by external forces. [...]

New Moon at 23º 13” Capricorn
Jan 12, 2021

by KAYPACHA! Let's get serious! Or should I say, it will be serious whether you like it or not? This New Moon in Capricorn is conjunct Pluto, the God of the deep, down Underworld. And we know Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the great Lord of Karma, earnest, sober, stable, disciplined, grounded, [...]

All About Cancer this Sunday with Kaypacha!

♋ ALL ABOUT CANCER 🕒 Sunday January 10, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET Hola Initiates! I hope you are faring well and better than well if possible! Quite the hectic week with another one coming up ahead. As I mentioned in the report, the new Moon next Tuesday will be [...]

Waning Moon at 16º 17” Libra
Jan 6, 2021

by JESSICA DAWN BOURQUE The Last Quarter Moon represents the "Crisis in Consciousness" point. The phase in the cycle where we stand at the crossroads with the brilliant perfect (waning) half-moon above, reminding us that we have a decision to make. Where in your life might you be being asked to adjust [...]

December 2020

Full Moon at 08º 20” Cancer
Dec 29, 2020

by JESSICA DAWN BOURQUE As it is now in the Cosmic Sky, la Luna (in Cancer) stands opposite the Sun (in Capricorn). It could be imagined as a dance between the Masculine and Feminine seen in the highest expression. The Divine Father (Capricorn) and the Sacred Mother (Cancer) are held in space [...]

Sunday Get together with Kaypacha!

🕒 Sunday December 27, 12pm PST = 3pm EST = 9pm CET Happy Holidays New Paradigmers! We can make it at the usual time. As much as I would like to spread holiday cheer, I'm feeling quite moved to discuss Trump from his chart, from my perspective, and look at what is coming up [...]

1st Quarter Moon at 00º 34” Aries
Dec 21, 2020

by JESSICA DAWN BOURQUE Welcome to the Solstice! If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, today ushers in Winter and the longest day of darkness in the year. We are on the threshold, indeed a grand turning point. With tomorrow's rising Sun, we are granted the promise of ever more increasing light [...]

The Longest Nyght Before the Lyght

This Sunday, I'm presenting "Solstice 2020: Crossing the Threshold From an Old Past into a New Future." ✨ The winter solstice (summer solstice in the southern hemisphere) is a yearly turning point from the longest/darkest night (day down under) back toward the light. This year it symbolizes very much more. I [...]

New Moon at 23º 08” Sagittarius
Dec 14, 2020

by KAYPACHA! This month's lunar cycle begins with a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 23°08” Sagittarius on Monday, December 14. It is "total," as the Sun and Moon are closely conjunct the South Node of the Moon, which is the point at which the orbital path of the Moon around the Earth intersects the [...]

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