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New Moon 22º Aries
Apr 11, 2021

by Kaypacha! n order to understand the astrology of this new lunar cycle, it is helpful to look at the broader context within which it is occurring. Aries is the archetype of new beginnings, new impulses, new desires, independence, and initiation. The Sun is traveling along with both Mercury and Venus by his side this month, and we can look at them a bit like the minute hand of a clock. The hour hand I would put on Saturn (Chronos), up in Aquarius, just about midway between Pluto and Jupiter.

Waning Moon at 14º 51’ Capricorn
Apr 4, 2021

by Jessica Dawn. As we arrive at the 3rd Quarter Moon phase of the Waning Lunar Cycle, we meet at a crossroads on the journey. It is here at the mid-point between last week's Full Moon and next week's New Moon that we enter for a moment a pause in the timeline. Which way will you go? Which path will you choose? Take a breath, be still, look around, reflect on where you are and what you see.

Full Moon at 08º 18’ Libra
Mar 28, 2021

by Jessica Dawn. The Venusian Moon. In all its grandiose splendor, the Full Moon piques magic, mystery, and wonder in our hearts. To gaze upon her, bathe beneath her, and go out to get a glance, we can’t help to stare. We are touched. She provokes our psyche, riles our moods, tempts our instincts. We are moved. La Luna has the power to shift the tides and make waves not only on this Earth planet but within each one of us!

First Quarter Moon at 01º 39’ Cancer
Mar 21, 2021

by Jessica Dawn. The Equinox has arrived, and a new season now ushers in a fresh new light and perspective. Birth is the tone, and we are each in its hour—a dance between the old self and the new self in the Mystery of it all. The pains, the glory, the fright, the exhilaration, the confrontation with Life & Death. We birth in the form of new projects, realized dreams, new relationships, greater awareness. We birth ourselves.

New Moon at 23º 04’ Pisces
Mar 13, 2021

by Kaypacha! The New Moon occurring at this degree sets an "overtone" for this lunar cycle as one of working dynamically with the process of individualization. AND subsequently, the integration of us, as individuals, into both society, and beyond society, with "All That Is."

The Saturnian Reality of Creating a New Uranian Paradigm with Kaypacha

There are many challenges facing humanity at this time, some coming from nature and some imposed by governments, corporations, and social pressure. The problems we face require us to unite to successfully surmount our collective problems, regain our footing, and advance civilization. This is the call of Aquarius which saw the beginning of a 20-year Jupiter/Saturn cycle on our most recent solstice.

Waning Moon at 15° 42′ Sagittarius
Mar 5, 2021

by Jessica Dawn. This next week's cycle brings us through the Last Quarter Moon Phase, into the Dark Moon, leading to our next New Moon – in Pisces on March 13th. Culmination and closure. Where in your life is this occurring? The waning half-moon is the last week of the lunar cycle before we begin anew once again, and it always signifies the "Crisis in Consciousness" stage.

Full Moon at 08° 26′ Virgo
Feb 27, 2021

by Jessica Dawn. This past two-week New Moon cycle moved us through an incredible pile-up of Aquarian energy – the archetype of the Gamechanger, the Truth Sayer, the bold cold mic-drop. Aquarius initiates the impulse to break free from the past at all costs, and with five planets there, including the Mercury Retrograde cycle (now direct,) moving forward, beyond, and even up, up and away, has been the momentum.

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