Virgo New Moon | Empowered Refinement

Virgo New MoonFriday, August 30, 2019 3:37 am PDT / 6:37 am EDT 6 degrees VirgoBy Christina Caudill The Moon crosses the threshold from a period of completion to the start of a new cycle of growth at the New Moon. Virgo’s focus is on improvement, purification, discernment and humble...

Being Authentic with Jupiter

A Weekly NPA Article Series With Ari Moshe Wolfe Introduction Hello! Welcome to my Jupiter article series. We are beginning a journey that will span several months of weekly articles that will eventually become its own book on Jupiter. I’ve always wanted to write a book on Jupiter. As someone...

Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon by Sol W Jonassen Friday morning at 06.37 EST we will greet a New Moon in Virgo at 06 degrees exactly trine Uranus and conjunct Mars. The potential is liberation, creative and practical action, new perspective and solutions to old problems. The goal is better use of...

You define you

The Mars-Venus Cycle by Sol W Jonassen I have been traveling during this overlap between Leo and Virgo and the last day of my journey to a land of dance and friendship ended with a new cycle between Venus and Mars in Virgo. Astrology is all about cycles and how...

[Webinar Replay] “Why Am I Here?” with Kaypacha and the Dream Team

Hola New Paradigm Community! In the webinar replay of "Why Am I Here?" we learned about Pluto, the Moon's Nodes and how they both explain why your soul is here!   We discussed not only the current transits of Pluto and Moon's Nodes, but also share with you about our upcoming...

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