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November 2020

Waning Moon in Leo
Nov 8, 2020


The fourth, or last, quarter phase of the lunar cycle begins with the waning Moon forming a 270° square to the Sun (1/2 Moon in the night sky), and, over a week, closing the cycle from 270° - 360°. It is a time [...]

October 2020

Full Moon at 8° Taurus 38”
Oct 31, 2020


by KAYPACHA! Say hello to the Full Moon occurring Saturday, October 31, at 8° Taurus 38,” a minuscule 3” away from Uranus! This full Moon heralds intense, sudden, unexpected surprises that will be upsetting and unsettling as she continues on her way through Taurus [...]

New Moon at 23° Libra 53’
Oct 16, 2020


by KAYPACHA! The Sabian Symbol for the 24th degree of Libra: “A butterfly with a third wing on its left side. KEYNOTE: The ability to develop, for inner strengthening, new modes of response to basic life situations. The butterfly is the ancient and traditional [...]

Waning Moon in Gemini
Oct 8-15, 2020


To continue getting the full Weekly Lunar Forecast, join our NPA Community today! 🌓 Waning Moon in Gemini | Oct 8-15, 2020 by SANDRA NICOLAYSEN Today the Moon will be in a Waning Gibbous Phase. This is the first phase after the Full [...]

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