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Full Moon at 08º 20” Cancer
Dec 29, 2020

by JESSICA DAWN BOURQUE As it is now in the Cosmic Sky, la Luna (in Cancer) stands opposite the Sun (in Capricorn). It could be imagined as a dance between the Masculine and Feminine seen in the highest expression. The Divine Father (Capricorn) and the Sacred Mother (Cancer) are held in space [...]

1st Quarter Moon at 00º 34” Aries
Dec 21, 2020

by JESSICA DAWN BOURQUE Welcome to the Solstice! If you are in the Northern Hemisphere, today ushers in Winter and the longest day of darkness in the year. We are on the threshold, indeed a grand turning point. With tomorrow's rising Sun, we are granted the promise of ever more increasing light [...]

The Longest Nyght Before the Lyght

This Sunday, I'm presenting "Solstice 2020: Crossing the Threshold From an Old Past into a New Future." ✨ The winter solstice (summer solstice in the southern hemisphere) is a yearly turning point from the longest/darkest night (day down under) back toward the light. This year it symbolizes very much more. I [...]

New Moon at 23º 08” Sagittarius
Dec 14, 2020

by KAYPACHA! This month's lunar cycle begins with a TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSE at 23°08” Sagittarius on Monday, December 14. It is "total," as the Sun and Moon are closely conjunct the South Node of the Moon, which is the point at which the orbital path of the Moon around the Earth intersects the [...]

Waning Moon at 16º Virgo 22″
Dec 8, 2020

by SOL W JONASSEN! As the last square of the Sun and the Moon is forming 16 degrees 22 minutes, the understanding of the previous New Moon is maturing. Whatever it initiated is now coming to the point of total release. The waxing square to the Moon offers an opportunity to let [...]

Full Moon at 08º Gemini 38″
Nov 30, 2020

by SOL W JONASSEN! As the mutable Full Moon in Gemini is unfolding, the themes of the previous New Moon in Scorpio on the 15th of November are culminating. It is not an easy time for humanity, not on a personal level or on a collective level, and the social interaction [...]

1st Quarter Moon at 20º Pisces
Nov 22, 2020

by SOL W JONASSEN! As the Moon in Pisces forms a 90° square to the newly born Sun in Sagittarius, the scenery is changing, and from Scorpio’s transformative confrontations emerges a deep need to let go of old feelings and move into a realm of new potential, visions, and dreams. It [...]

New Moon at 23º Scorpio 18’
Nov 15, 2020

by KAYPACHA! Aries through Cancer brings the impulse up from the unconscious depths. Leo through Scorpio then gives that impulse the stamp of Self-consciousness, which is then brought forth out of self into the world of "the other." Scorpio is the realm in which the purposeful, developed self meets other forces outside the [...]

Navigating into 2021
with Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune

🕒 Sunday, November 15, 5 pm EST = 2 pm PST  Check your time zone here (Monday, November 16, 9 am AEDT) Cost: $25 FREE for C*I*A Members & NPA Members Register here! Julija and Sandra come together to prepare us astrologically for the coming tides, challenges. Not only are we entering another [...]

Waning Moon in Leo
Nov 8, 2020

The fourth, or last, quarter phase of the lunar cycle begins with the waning Moon forming a 270° square to the Sun (1/2 Moon in the night sky), and, over a week, closing the cycle from 270° - 360°. It is a time of realizing the fruits of what started at [...]

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