1st Quarter Moon in Taurus (Feb 1-8)

1st Quarter Moon in Taurus (February 1-8)

While the ¼ Moon occurs in Taurus, Venus sextiles both Saturn and Pluto before moving into Aries on the 7th to close in on Chiron. Mercury passes through its pre-shadow (28 Aquarius), enters Pisces and sextiles Uranus. The Moon merrily moves through Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer before becoming full at 20 degrees Leo on the 8th.

Gathering together with like-minded souls and building bonds of friendship during these times sows the seeds for future cooperative enterprises. It is a time of dreaming together, planning together and exploring new options. Stepping out of old ruts may trigger latent fears and insecurities, upsetting existing stability while simultaneously giving us the feeling of liberation, excitement, and renewal.

Knowing that we are still closing the Jupiter/Pluto cycle that began in December of 2007, it will be better to meditate and contemplate what we want to move towards and feel into all the ripple effects that will be set into motion than to jump prematurely into the unknown. The full Moon will provide us with tremendous illumination of who we are and what we want to create, and it may be best to cradle it as a new seedling just sprouted and let it grow organically into your desired future without pushing it.

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