Aries New Moon | March 24, 2020

The New Moon month begins, just after the Equinox, the initial Aries Ingress. For astrologers, we celebrate the beginning of the new zodiacal year and look at the state of the world at this time to consider what the next year holds.

Here we are in an unprecedented time on the planet, as most astrologers readied us for, 2020 was going to begin with a serious re-set, as it began with the exact line up of the building of Capricorn planets, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres all square to Eris. We knew it would be a most potent seeding of some kind, a most transformative and evolutionary step for humanity and the planet, we knew we were in the midst of a threat of some kind, the climate crises, the burning of Australia, but we didn’t quite know how extremely serious things could get.



So here we are now, trying to make sense of it all and how quickly everything has changed, we are in lockdown, in crisis, in extreme and unstable times. What to believe about the social crackdown going on, the governmental control taking over our lives, and the hype and hysteria circulating in the media and in our cities and neighbourhoods.

At the time of the Aries New Moon, Mars moves on from Pluto, as Jupiter and Pluto get tighter, in the governing system of Capricorn. Just think what power and control this holds over all of us, as global travel and movement are greatly restricted. All squared by Eris in Aries, the goddess who threw the apple of discord into the elitist system and inadvertently started a war. Saturn edges into Aquarius as social distancing, quarantine and media frenzy controls the minds, usual freedoms, and movements of the masses.

The Aries New Moon tells us what is most immediate to deal with now. The Moon and Sun, Chiron, Black Moon Lilith all square off to the Nodal axis, how we manage this crisis rides in the hands, courage, and strength of us all as individuals. Can we trust what is going on? We really can’t know for sure. The authority needs to be held within, even if we are corralled like sheep to follow the rules right now until more becomes clear.

At the time of this New Moon everything is contained in a draconic bowl (between the Nodes) and with the North Node still in Cancer, we are tied to the safety and security of our homes, whilst contemplating conspiracies of doom, scarcity, and fears of infection. Much will grow out of all of this, as birthing new ways is never painless, even the climate is able to breathe again, and many more positives will present themselves. It’s not the world as we knew it anymore, but a new frontier in many, many ways, and what better way to deal with it than launch the inner Aries post-apocalyptic warrior into action!

Stay calm and refresh in nature as much as possible and mostly don’t be a sheep, be a Ram as you take the steps into this trepidous new adventure. Aren’t we blessed to have astrology to help us navigate?!


Julija Simas is a member of the Dream Team. To find out more about her and her work check out the “about” page.

In astrology the Sun is like the hour hand, the Moon the minute hand and the Ascendant the second hand. Let’s all listen to the natural cycles of change during these times by tuning into our great Mother Moon!

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