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We’ve had a great creative ride the last year in New Paradigm Astrology. There has been so many huge changes for the team and what we we feel driven to share with the world. And the “Astrology for the Soul” was a step in the direction we all felt we wanted to go. To create a place online, a community, where people could take their love for astrology to the next level.

We can easily get enthusiastic about a lot of stuff in life, but often as we evolve we tend to grow out of certain professions or interests. But for many, astrology is the love that is eternal, that thing just wont go away no matter how many times we try to push it away. The passion is real.

I think it is because astrology provides information about life that is real and meaningful. I think we need meaning more than anything else. We need this deep sense of belonging and of purpose while we are on this planet in a universe that is completely mind boggling to think about.

And astrology is as old as humanity. The first relationship we had was to nature and to the heavens. We always looked to the sky. I have vivid memories from when I was a child, laying down in the snow on a crisp cold winter night and getting lost in the heavens. It awoke something in me that is beyond words. And that stayed. I still love astrology. Like LOVE love.

And I thank the Gods or whatever serendipity it was that astrology found me. It provided knowledge and insight nothing else managed to do.

So it is in this spirit that the team came together to create a class that provides the basic, the foundation, of astrology.

Personally, I have learnt so much. The basic is like up-ward facing dog in yoga. You can really never perfect it long enough. There are always new dimensions. Always. I am so happy to be able to work with such amazing astrologers like Kaypacha, Maurice Fernandez, Julija Simas, Christina Caudill, Timothy Halloran and our Sagittarius alibi, Ari Moshe Wolfe. Fabulous teachers. They have shown me what I cannot dig out of my own mind, other perspectives and new approaches. It is a very enriching process.

Right now Jupiter is preparing to go direct and we are flowing some great Jupiter-Sun-Venus vibes for the time being. And here is a little snippet of what dear Julija had to say about this giant of a gas planet that is one step away from being a star in its own sense. This is from the second module on the Planets, were we go deep into each planetary principles, also exploring the evolutionary intention behind the principle.

  • Luck, growth, expansion, optimism, abundance,
    understanding, truth, wisdom, long distance travel, Guru,
    teacher, justice, philosophy, belief.

Evolutionary Intent:

  • To live one’s truth, to seek truth, to expand life’s
    experiences, to grow and explore, to broaden our
    horizons, to judge for yourself, to believe in what life has
    to offer, to explore the meaning in life.
Jupiter’s energy fosters growth, expansion and
  • Jupiter is a an outward moving and blending energy.
  • Jupiter is the eternal optimist, visionary, teacher, guru, guide and believer.
  • Known as the great benefic, Jupiter represents roles or experiences that embody the ‘the great benefactor’.
  • Jupiter is concerned with universal principles and represents the judge and justice.
  • Jupiter symbolises experiences that move and excite; that invigorate and constantly fill one with experience.
  • Jupiter is concerned with cultural depth and breadth, broader perspectives, widening horizons and long range ideas that educate and inspire.
  • Jupiter seeks honour and truth, and conquers through knowledge and travel.
  • Jupiter is able to remain emotionally unaffected by life’s peaks and troughs, and is therefore able to continually ride “the wheel of fortune”.
  • Jupiter’s placement in our natal chart by sign and house challenges our inherited beliefs, understanding of the truth and our sense of morals and justice.
  • Through Jupiter the soul seeks to find its own truth through its own experience and not from the consensus belief systems passed on from society, religion, dogma and family.
  • Jupiter teaches us to live by our own moral principles and judgments, question indoctrination and to live life authentically.
Yay to living life authentically!
I hope that this weekend is exactly that for you. That you have an expansive and rich experience ahead of you.
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Big love, Sol
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