Being Authentic With Jupiter: A Word Game through the 12 Houses!

Being Authentic With Jupiter
A Word Game Through the 12 Houses
A Weekly NPA Series
With Ari M Wolfe

At this point it seems that I’ve covered most of the core themes that relate to Jupiter and so I’d like to have some fun putting Jupiter in the natal chart.

I have Sagittarius occupying my 3rd house. What this means is that I naturally find intuitive ways to articulate and communicate my understanding. In Lieu of this, here’s a fun game!

Basically, I am choosing one Jupiter key word and am exploring a handful of ways to apply that word to each house position. In this article I use the word “Authentic” (surprise). Enjoy!

1st house

  • Authentic action: Our actions originate from an honest and sincere place, thus not contrived or forced.
  • Acting authentically. Our instincts and impulses are inspired by a sense of personal truthfulness.
  • Authenticity is action. Because it’s always doing exactly what it does.
  • Action is authentic: A wild animal that goes out to hunt its prey.


2nd house

  • Authentic senses: Our senses are honest and we do not overcomplicate them with too much stimulation beyond what can be received.
  • Sensing authentically: Tasting what we taste, feeling what we feel, embodying pleasure simple as it is. This equals an abundance of sensation because there is uncomplicated openness to the moment.
  • Authenticity is sensual: In authenticity the mind is in this moment, not grasping for more, true to one’s immediate sensual experience. Everything can be orgasmic.
  • Sensuality is authentic: A cat purring on a soft couch.


3rd house

  • Authentic communication: Just like you are forming logical conclusions by way of the words and sentences and whole thoughts you are reading.
  • Communicating authentically: Words that express that actual reality you are seeking to represent.
  • Authenticity is communication: It expresses exactly what is and doesn’t send any mixed messages or try to appear more or less than what it is.
  • Communication is authentic: Birds calling to each other in the morning.


4th house

  • Authentic nourishment: Like a hug that is undeniably good for you.
  • Nourishing authentically: Emotional sincerity that feeds and provides for what the most tender and delicate within us are needing.
  • Authenticity is nourishment: The truth is like a warm blanket that says everything is ok.
  • Nourishment is Authentic: A wolf bringing home it’s kill to its den.


5th house

  • Authentic expression: Unplanned and unrehearsed expression of your own creative genius.
  • Expressing authentically: With nothing added, share your light as you are. You have your own message and gift to shine.
  • Authenticity is expression: It radiates like the Sun and inspires others as to the freedom of being oneself.
  • Expression is authentic: A lion roaring with pride.


6th house

  • Authentic grooming: Taking care of what needs to be taken care of and then moving on.
  • Grooming authentically: Not seeking perfection but giving attention to the details and enjoying the wellness that your care and attention provides.
  • Authenticity is grooming: Simplifies life so that everything can function in its optimal way. Without adornment, it points out what needs attention.
  • Grooming is authentic: A cat thoroughly licking itself clean until it feels complete.


7th house

  • Authentic relating: Sincerity and honesty in relationship.
  • Relating authentically: Needs are expressed, truth is spoken with no hidden agenda.
  • Authenticity is relationship: Otherwise will two people ever meet?
  • Relationship is authentic: Two dogs sniffing each other’s butts.


8th house

  • Authentic sex: honest meeting of two souls, soul revealing, free of ulterior motive.
  • Sexing authentically: Penetratingly honest, vulnerable, open, truthful with oneself, true to one’s desire. Stripping away all that is untrue.
  • Authenticity is sex: I just notice this to be so.
  • Sex is authentic: Two cats getting it on in your neighbor’s backyard.


9th house

  • Authentic intuition: Something that actually occurs to you from within.
  • Intuiting authentically: That there’s more and you are impelled to follow. This is not something you are making up.
  • Authenticity is intuitive: It’s self-evident and we know it’s true without knowing how we know other than we know that it’s irrefutably so.
  • Intuition is authentic: Your animal friend knows when you are leaving the house for 3 days even before you leave. You can say, “I’ll be back soon!” as much as you want, but your dog or cat knows you are leaving and will express that authentically.


10th house

  • Authentic success: Its right for you, only you can measure this standard.
  • Succeeding authentically: Building a life of sincerity and ethic based on your own intuitive principals and ethic. You know what it means to be successful and it has everything to do with how you are going about the path.
  • Authenticity is success. Instantly so, all the cards are on the table, consequences and results are immediate. Only growth can come from there even if it’s total failure.
  • Success is authentic: The spider sits in the middle of the web it spun.


11th house

  • Authentic liberation: Not trying to fit in or be understood but just being yourself and enjoying the company of other humans.
  • Liberating authentically: From what you realize is simply not you. The emptiness of discovering what you are like with no prior belief about what that should be. Freedom to be honest.
  • Authenticity is liberation: As the ocean tastes like salt, the truth tastes like freedom
  • Liberation is authentic: A forest eco-system full of thousands of species co-living simply as they are.


12th house

  • Authentic spirituality: Free of blind beliefs and lofty ideals, seeking what is true right now.
  • Spiritualizing authentically: Applying the principal of oneness to any moment or place that you wish. Awakening to the timelessness of spirit.
  • Authenticity is spiritual: You can’t fake your way to enlightenment.
  • Spirituality is authentic: Anything, anywhere, anytime.

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