Being Authentic with Jupiter: Seeking, Finding, Teachers and Students

Being Authentic With Jupiter
Seeking, Finding, Teachers and Students
A Weekly NPA Series
With Ari M Wolfe

Seeking and Finding
Seeking is not the same thing as finding. You can’t do both at the same time. On the spiritual path we are all led to a place where no answer, no context, no understanding or external teaching can guide us to where we must our own selves venture.

And venture is needed. There’s the teaching, “all you need is inside of you”. This is true. There’s also the teaching, “you must follow your path, wherever that takes you”. This is also true. It’s neither about inside or outside. It’s about walking the path – and the very fact of being here on this earth means that there is a very wide template for realization, uniquely designed for each individual soul.

Jupiter represents the archetype of the seeker, the spiritual aspirant, the pilgrim. We all carry those energies inside of us. All those word vibrations relate to someone who is on a journey towards something more. Impelled by an intuitive knowing and faith in one’s personal potential or destiny, a soul sets out on a journey. This journey takes them into unknown lands, unfamiliar encounters, relationships, meetings with teachers, saints, liars and all the rest.

I once saw an excellent movie, The Holy Mountain (Alejandro Jodorowsky, 1973). As I recall it featured a group of people that were all called upon to climb to the top of a mountain. At some point they get to the foot of the mountain and there are all kinds of interesting things going on.

People selling merchandise, food, entertainment, enticing activities for the senses. There was even a man that was selling some kind of candy. He said something like, “You don’t need to climb the mountain! Eat this candy and you’ll find the top of the mountain right here!” It was tempting but the seekers continued on and moved away from all the distractions. As they moved on, the grasp of the world seemed to loosen and they felt less regret for what they might have been missing out on.

Opportunism, second guessing, seeking more than what is intuitively self-evident, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity, are all ways that we distract ourselves from our direct path. Our direct path is not something that can be mapped out, it is guided 100% by the energy of self-honesty, authenticity with what we find is true for our own selves.

Authenticity is the driving force for the seeker. Without it, it’s easy to incorporate all kinds of beliefs and ideas about what one can possibly do, where one can possibly go. Life can offer itself as an endless array of distractions and thus never-ending seeking.

Jupiter in the 3rd house: Maybe I’ll find more insight or answers if I read this book and that book, look up this information, have a conversation with this person. One can become so overloaded that the mind can become confused with too many perspectives and ideas, some of which make sense and connect, some of which don’t.

Jupiter in the 5th: Maybe I’ll be adored and recognized if I put on this performance, make myself seen in this or that way, embrace all kinds of opportunities for largeness and self-expression. This can result in always putting on a show, looking for attention anywhere it can be found to the point of living a lie. Getting stuck in the role of performer, pretending to be someone they are not all because that’s where the attention is.

Jupiter in the 7th: Maybe I’ll interact with this person and that person because they have something to tell me or I have something to tell them. This can be playing out a reality of seeking approval and acceptance through other people. A need to be trusted by everyone and yet a shallowness where the quality of true authentic relating, authentic truth telling is lost because the soul is always trying to accommodate.

Jupiter in the 12th. I ate the candy at the foot of the mountain, and had an experience of God. Now I am crafting an illusory reality around candy as a path to self-realization. The issue here being consciousness becomes dependent on something external as a way inward. Candy becomes its own God, and one’s direct connection with source is clouded via dependency on the heightened experience of unity that the candy provides.

Jupiter can feel like a flash in the pan: something that feels like an opportunity for more but is just an opportunity to get away from oneself some more. Remember that with Jupiter we have the association of the convincing salesperson who will sell you something completely useless and make a good buck out of it. We also have the consumer who is eager for the next [fill in the blank: spiritual practice, teacher, product, diet, money making scheme, way to attract others, etc…] to buy.

Ok I’m Done
One common Jupiter archetype is the jolly Santa-Clause like heavy weight old person. Lots of stories to tell, loves to tell them, will talk on and on and on. Has a certain charm to them. But with this particular archetype there’s very often a sort of settling, a “I’m done with the journey” quality. Let’s meet one of these people.

This is George. As a youth George traveled to India before it was cool and spent a lot of time in an Ashram. He had some really powerful awakening experiences. But as time passed he needed to get back into the world and make money. Eventually he met a woman and had a child. The Saturn pressures of life became very strong and he started to settle in and focus.

George never stopped telling the stories of his amazing spiritual experiences though. Some people even saw him as a teacher, as a spiritual guide, for indeed he had a lot of wisdom and insight. But there was something missing for this soul. You see, George gave up on the path and, like everyone else in the world who wants to remain where they are, settled on his beliefs.

George, give us some of your most popular one-liners will you?

“Sure. I like to tell people that you don’t need to go to India or take this or that class. It’s all a waste of time, you have all you need inside of you. You also don’t need to meditate every day, just be natural. Stop seeking.”

Of course this has much truth in it! No one “needs” to go anywhere or do anything to find oneself. And yet we all do go places and do practice all kinds of things. The personal journey is a part of it and we can’t philosophize ourselves away from the path we are here to walk. Jupiter doesn’t say “you must do this practice” or “you don’t need to do this practice”. It doesn’t relate to those dualities. Jupiter says “Walk your path. Walk it all the way. Follow it and see where it leads you and then see what’s next.”

Seemingly spiritually sound arguments can be made for why or why not anything. But we can always feel if it’s authentic. If it is carried by a quality of sincerity that holds a lot of open space then it will feel authentic. Truth, when spoken, is an open door. It doesn’t exclude certain ideas or paths as wrong, it doesn’t have fixed ideas that it will impose upon others, it simply represents itself. What is true always stands on its own. Any kind of “know it-all-ness” or “yeah-I’ve been-there-ness” is actually a cover up for “I’m-afraid-to-admit-that-I-don’t-have-it-all-figured-out-ness” or “I’m-not-here-now-and- so-I-am-compensating-by-stressing-that-once-upon-a-time-I’ve-been-there”.

Always Being Always Becoming
Let’s contrast this fictional George with one of my spiritual teachers, someone who actually exists. Adyashanti had a series of awakening experiences several decades ago. He has been teaching and holding retreats throughout the world since then. One beautiful thing I’ve noticed about Adyashanti is that I don’t feel he’s “done” and I don’t get that sense from him that he feels that way either. While I feel in his presence a deep stillness and knowing of wholeness, he himself recognizes that he’s still discovering what this is all about.

The abiding realization of unity, of everything being “the one” is Neptune/Pisces. That’s the truth that is unchanging and always now. The ongoing realization of how this truth manifests is Jupiter/Sagittarius. The discovery never ends. Reality is infinite and thus there is no end to the realizations of it. These two states can co-exist. Unity consciousness AND ongoing discovery.

There’s a beautiful teaching I’ve heard from Adyashanti which simply states “always being, always becoming” (which I’m sure has been said by other people before him). To me this beautifully expresses the relationship between the ever-present truth of what we are, and the ongoing expansion of comprehension as to the nature of phenomenal reality.

Pisces and Sagittarius
The square between Pisces and Sagittarius speaks to this. In Pisces we give something ultimate meaning. It is God. Whatever we surrender to is where God is. It can be a relationship, a teacher, a dependency, a belief we have about our lives. All of it can produces deep states of euphoria, hope, wellness, miracles. And yet it can all be just a show of maya; a temporary glip on the screen of existence. With Pisces we are left with nothing under our feet, no ground to stand on, nothing to hold onto that won’t someday slip through our fingers like sand.

In Sagittarius we are setting out to find the truth, expand our understanding and cultivate our own direct experience. We are learning from nature and from being natural. The tension of this square points to how easy it is for consciousness to get wrapped up in believing all kinds of things that unintentionally stops the path somewhere near the foot of the mountain; becoming distracted or stuck in a seemingly endless swirl of existence for an undefinable period of time until the grace of disillusionment wakes us up out of our trance. We can convince ourselves (Sagittarius) of anything to be real, and in so doing become utterly disillusioned when the world construct we surrendered to (Pisces) reveal itself as an illusion (Pisces).

A great example of this can be pulling a tarot card or having a dream that, upon our interpretation (and interpretation will always be subjective) we conclude certain things about (that person, the upcoming event, our life, that career etc) to be true. Based upon our interpretation, which was a result of what we were capable of understanding and integrating at the time, we form a belief about what the dream or the cards are telling us. This interpretation/belief (Sagittarius) becomes the basis for ascribing faith and ultimate meaning in that which we believe (Pisces). We make our belief a point of surrender and trust. In our well put together world view it seems like everything is ok. It is, until we realize that what we thought was true was in fact just a measure of our own self-convincing.

Does that mean we interpreted the card wrong or the dream wrong? Was this some kind of psychic interference? Is the card deck bad? Do we need to sleep with symbols and crystals under our pillow to not be misled in our dream-time? The answer is we will only know what we know and if we don’t know then we are best to admit that. This can be utterly confusing when it really seems like we are being spiritually guided in one direction and then something else entirely happens.

Pisces is beyond comprehension, it’s not something to figure out and understand. Mistakes are made when we try to fit everything into a cosmology, a belief system that explains it all away. This becomes a distraction and so often a source of great suffering. Of course, no distraction is useless nor is it truly a distraction in an ultimate sense when it comes to the invaluable wisdom and self-knowledge we might ultimately glean from it.

Lastly, to really get to the heart of this. Pisces is Love. So one way we can describe the relationship between Sagittarius and Pisces is the ever unfolding realization of how love (Pisces) manifests in the phenomenal world (Sagittarius).

The teacher
A yogi tea bag (ascribed to Yogi Bhajan) once said, “If you want to learn something, read about it. If you want to understand something, write about it. If you want to master something, teach it.” Teaching is one of the best ways that we each have a direct experience of the truth. In teaching, SO LONG AS WE ARE BEING HONEST, we taste the truth with our every word and gesture. It becomes a moment to moment opportunity to connect in with our own direct experience.

And so, it is one common expression in the Jupiter archetype to at some point come into the situation of being a teacher. Being a teacher means you get to be a guide who has simply had their own fair share of realizations and discoveries along the way, who gets to help others on their own unique path. The best teacher is one that will point people back to themselves and lead by example and the integrity of their own personal experience. Not necessarily someone that will have cookie cutter answers for everyone. This is of course the danger of teaching within the Jupiter archetype: falling upon previously established answers and placing them on the present moment without regard for if it feels authentic or not.

I like to think of Jupiter as a continual manifestation of student teacher type relationships. Since there is ALWAYS more to learn, there will always be a teacher and there will always be a student. These don’t have to be defined roles by any means, but it’s a natural phenomenon that occurs for all of us. As we each awaken to more whole understanding, we resonate with other people who in some way share a resonance with our own path. Through relationship we get to share and offer pointers along the way which in turn further crystalizes and expands upon our realization.

The student
While teachers come with the journey, the student grows by learning how to discern (Sagittarius relative to Virgo and Pisces: not blindly believing anyone and paying attention to obvious details that the intuition should pick up on) what feels true and what doesn’t. This can be tricky because on the one hand there are always other souls out there who have a quality of insight beyond what we have, and yet their path will never ever be ours. By discerning what feels true for oneself, one stays engaged in their own sovereignty and avoids the trap of giving up one’s power to someone who already has the answers. The relationship between teacher and student is very sacred in that way. It’s by no means unidirectional. The teacher has to check themself and cultivate even greater sincerity and honesty with themselves. And the student needs to go inside to chew on the teachings, internalize it and check in with their own intuitive knowing. If a teaching is true then it will elicit a spontaneous feeling of freedom and optimism about life. If a practice is right then it need not need to be backed up by philosophy for why it should be practiced. This is a great stretch for the seeker/student. In a way they have to learn to become their own teacher and reference their own inner knowing in order to really benefit from the relationship to their teacher.

Lastly, student teacher relationships are always a matter of soul resonance. They come together naturally, guided by fate and synchronisity. It can be a college professor, a guru you had a fated meeting with on the streets,  a discarnate master who visits you in your dreams, or the i-ching. Whether we are in the role of the student or teacher in any particular relationship, we each know who and what we are drawn to. We are impelled to follow for as long as it feels relevant to do so.

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