Being Authentic with Jupiter

A Weekly NPA Article Series
With Ari Moshe Wolfe

Hello! Welcome to my Jupiter article series. We are beginning a journey that will span several months of weekly articles that will eventually become its own book on Jupiter.

I’ve always wanted to write a book on Jupiter. As someone with 5 planets in Sagittarius, including Jupiter, as well as the IC and the south node you can say I’m a pretty Jupiterian person (whatever that means!) I’ve observed over the years that when most people speak about Jupiter they tend to focus on the ideas of luck, opportunities, leaps of faith, exaggeration and optimism. While all that is certainly relevant to Jupiter, it misses the real essence of Jupiter; it fails to speak to the bottom line meaning of this amazing planetary archetype.

When I think of Jupiter the first words that come to mind are sincerity, honesty, natural, nature, naked. Where do we find the truth of reality? In reality of course. Where do we learn more about our true nature? By being true to our nature. Where can we learn more from nature? By being natural.

The teachings of Jupiter are incredibly simple and to the point. There’s no fluff, no highly conceptual ideas to wrap our minds around. Jupiter simply points to what is natural and real and where we each discover this in our own lives through our own personal and direct experience.

Direct experience
Imagine you are in a forest and you come across a beautiful flowing river. If I ask you to learn something from this river how would you go about finding this lesson? Surely the only way would be to give yourself to the river, to become available to it’s sounds, it’s movements, it’s nature; to open your heart and mind to the consciousness of the river itself. In a state of receptivity and sincerity to what is, free of pre-conceived beliefs and any agenda to manipulate what you find, you become available to insight.

Sitting down, breathing in the fresh air, feeling a sense of freedom and lack of inhibition you notice that the river itself, without ever trying, embodies the energy of flow. You might notice that the river is similar to your own breath. You might notice that everything in life, every moment, is moving; that nothing stays stagnant. Seeing this gives you perspective on your own life and how you can stay in a healthy state. You notice that when water stops flowing it stagnates and becomes unpleasant. So too you realize that this is what happens to your mind when you are stuck in indecision. You realize that water is the fluidity of life itself. You realize that sweating, staying hydrated, urinating, being able to breath in and breathe out moisture are all apart of you staying in flow with the current of nature, just like the river. You realize that life is far more poetic than mechanical and that the trick is to keep on breathing. You realize that to learn from the river you must become like the river …

Hopefully you get the point! Of course anyone might have different insights, different flavors, different paths of realization, but the main message I wish to convey is that our insight and discovery of reality comes through our own direct realization. And this is regardless of our background. Another person who is very religious may sit by the river and have insights about their version of God and the deeper meaning of the teachings in their holy book. Their realizations aren’t more or less true than yours, it’s authentic and direct and meets them exactly where they are ripe for further insight.

The truth is realized, it’s not a logical thing and it always occurs through the faculties of what we are emotionally capable of apprehending about reality at the time. The truth comes in to expand our existing framework and show us more of how the oneness operates wherever and however we are receptive to experience it. This is what Jupiter is for each of us.

When we realize the truth, it comes from within. It’s our own direct realization. What you might learn from a river is something that is entirely unique and true to you, it cannot be proven rationally or compared to anyone else’s experience. If you have a meditation practice you may have realized on your own that through stillness problems and pain arise and fall away on their own, that the river keeps on flowing if we allow it. You may start to understand that stillness is not the same thing as stagnation. That movement is not the same thing as frenetic activity…

Principles of the Tao
As we grow and cultivate our own direct insight into reality we grow in wisdom, we become more aware of the way things are. Existing constructs rework themselves to accommodate to a more inclusive understanding. I like to call this realizing the principals of the tao. When I speak of the tao I am referring not to a religion but to a term that has been used for thousands of years to refer to “the unnamable and undefinable WAY of reality.” Nothing isn’t one with the tao, there’s no place where the tao isn’t operative. Another way of saying this is: the principals of nature are as operative in a Kinkos office building in New York City as they are in the Amazon rainforest.

In growing our wisdom, we are able to see life with greater clarity and act in ways that harmonize with the way things are. Self-understanding and realization are at the core of the popular Jupiter ideas of luck and expansion.

In Future Articles
Throughout the next several months I will be publishing a weekly article on Jupiter on the following topics:

How Jupiter fits into the evolutionary paradigm of reading the chart from the perspective of the soul’s evolutionary journey. The unique connection between Jupiter, Mercury and Uranus.

Jupiter and the principles of nature. Insight and our spiritual path in life. Jupiter and the Evolutionary Stages.

Belief system, self-convincing, alienation, proving oneself, convince and convert, pessimism.

The evolutionary intention, expression of shadow, nature of self-realization through the 12 archetypes.

Jupiter on the south node, on the north node, Jupiter aspecting the nodes, Jupiter squaring the nodes.


Examining the evolutionary purpose of Jupiter through the 12 houses including an examination of it’s stationary direct and stationary retrograde motions.

Some interesting and case studies of particularly strong Jupiterian individuals

Talks I have given that include direct interaction with students and their charts, question and answer, and organic conversations on Jupiter that bring our more perspective and insight into the archetype.

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