Full Moon Eclipse in Cancer: Feel yourself

There is a Full Moon on the rise.

And I feel myself from top to toe.

I’d rather cry a thousand tears, than be stuck inside a tower of ice.

I’d rather feel all my pain, but to have it hidden in my bones and skin.

I’d rather breathe loudly and deeply, than timid breaths constrained.

I’d put in the work to get there, remembering that on the other side there is flow.

After the storm comes the sun again. After the pain, joy.

After depletion and rest, life returns.



This is the ebb and flow of life. It requires our capacity to process, face ourselves, deal with whatever is without wanting to change it, without putting stories to it. Simply be there. Rest inside. No matter how uncomfortable it might feel.

We’ve all had to face ourselves lately. Some might have escaped, but not really. Our reactions, our habits, our fears, our sadness, our loneliness, our pain, our love.

Nothing can be denied if we want flow.

So this is it. The first eclipse in 2020. Moon in Cancer. Security, feeling safe inside yourself, accepting the conditions that are happening right now, but trust they will change. If you are in a situation that is unclear, feels unsafe or uncomfortable, that too will change. Cancer reminds us that the inner ocean of emotion is always in motion.

Security is not given freely at this time in history. We can grasp for it, but perhaps it will not be found. The change from feeling strong to being vulnerability is a very short path sometimes. So the only safe haven might be you and your connection to whatever greater energy you have capacity to reach. I know, it is not easy, but sometimes it is the only option we have. This is also the time where we remember that we are not alone. There are friends. Lovers. Family. People ready to be there with you. Just ask. Cancer is connection, and it is fundamental for our sense of belonging and for our sense of security.

But first. Open.

That is the yoga of life.

And remember who you are. Be surprised be the beauty and strength that arise after dark.

Let the water flow, the rain fall. Especially in Australia.

Cancer is sentimentality, a feeling of solidarity with others, of familiarity. It is Cancer that binds us to each other through time, repetition and trust. It is Cancer that remembers, remembers who you are, what you need, who you create with. Cancer that carries the hopes for the future in the memories of the past by remembering the good in life, what moved you, what nourished you. Through Cancer we are reminded that we cannot live in cold societies where people do not care about each other. We need warmth and care. All of us. And critical times often brings that out of us. Oddly enough we seem to need a crises to be able to show each other solidarity.

It is Cancer that identifies what is important to keep and what is not needed.

This is the Cancer Full Moon. It is time to feel yourself. And remember the good things too.

I’ll leave you with a song that I stumbled upon tonight. Ásgeir is a double Cancer with south node in Cancer. You can hear that in his voice. Amazing feeling.


Do you recall the things 
That used to give us joy?
When our imagination
Could take us anywhere
In stormy winter weather
We built a house of snow
Do you remember how
Everyone from town
Used to go out skating?
Oh, we had so much fun
The lake was frozen over
It looked as clear as glass
And all the quiet nights
When summer had arrived
And we played Annie Over
Unburdened by concern
Appearing in my mind now
Pictures from the past
I won’t forget the years
When boundless love and joy
Lived in our young hearts
And smiled inside our chests
This world that we created
I’ll never forget

Do you recall the things
That used to give us joy?
When our imagination
Could take us anywhere
Appearing in my mind now
Pictures from the past


Written by Sol With Jonassen, evolutionary astrologer and Dream Team member.

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Full Moon picture by Kiki Sjöberg at Littlewolfphotography_au

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