Full Moon in Aquarius | August 3-10, 2020

A Quick Glance at the Full – ¾ Moon Phase by Kaypacha

How about that Full Moon? Ya feelin’ it? The tension of this Full Moon will carry on for the remainder of the week as the two significant aspects of the Sun square Uranus and Mars squaring the Capricorn stellium. The best mitigating factor is Venus conjuncting the North Node on Wednesday, hallelujah! Let’s break it down a little bit.

Tuesday, the Moon leaves Aquarius for the “waters” of Pisces. The Mars square Jupiter is exact, and Mercury enters Leo. The energy here is “hurry, hurry, hurry, get it done!” It may also be “get it done, because there is more coming in the pipeline!” This can be exciting if you like roller coaster rides, but it can create a lot of pressure with the feeling that there is simply too much going on, too many distractions, or not enough time to get everything done that you would like.

Wednesday, the energy begins to chill a little more, the Moon loves Pisces (and a nice relaxing drink to sip), and Mercury has shifted into fiery Leo and is ready to rock it! The air lightens up a bit, and perhaps you celebrate getting that job done yesterday. Venus inches up to the Moon’s North Node and wants to surround herself with beautiful things and people.

Thursday, the Moon moves into conjunction with Neptune and definitely wants to take a break, go on a retreat or just stay home and listen to some music or meditate. Venus sitting on the North Node saying, yes, this is a time to dream a new dream, think about, or better yet draw or paint, your personal vision for the future. An excellent time to visualize the life that you would like to lead so you can begin taking steps in that direction.

Friday, we’ll notice an energy shift for sure as Moon comes into squaring Venus, enters Aries and conjuncts Chiron. Maybe someone or something comes along that you forgot about? You get a kick in the butt, or another project or your alarm didn’t go off? The unpredictable overtone mentioned above continues on whether it is world news or personal relationship changes, everything is in flux and up in the air. Best to stay as calm and centered as possible, put on your “big boy” or “big girl” hat and just ride the wave.

Saturday, she trines the Sun and squares Jupiter. You may want to head out and let off some steam. A good day for some exercise, running, jumping, kicking, and yelling to process all the madness that is going on these days. Aries loves a challenge, go challenge yourself, play some ping pong or something, find somebody to challenge you, or you challenge somebody, nicely, eh?

Sunday, it gets heavy, so it’s a good thing you let it all out Saturday! Moon squares Pluto and Saturn and then heads on into earthy Taurus. Time to slow down, get serious, have unpleasant conversations, process those negative feelings, and feel better and lighter. Try not to stuff the dark stuff, or you’ll go around like a prisoner dragging your ball and chain. Best to spit it out, get a stiff upper lip and share your truth with Mercury trine Chiron. Some healing can result, and things may not be as bad as they seemed before you opened up. Good time to see who your friends really are!

By Monday, Mercury comes into square Uranus and with the Sun inconjunct Jupiter, again, anything can happen! Fasten the old seatbelt and get ready for more of the unexpected—time to wrap it up and get on to bigger and better things even if you are afraid. Sometimes resistance boils down to a fear of change where we make up stories and excuses that might sound good but aren’t. Be honest with yourself and take the plunge even if you have to hold your nose!

Tuesday brings the Third Quarter Moon, you’ll have to stay tuned for what’s up with our next post then!

So Much Love,

🌙 In astrology the Sun is like the hour hand, the Moon the minute hand and the Ascendant the second hand. Let’s all listen to the natural cycles of change during these times by tuning into our great Mother Moon!

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