Full Moon in Leo (Feb 9-16)

Full Moon in Leo (February 9-16)

The Full Moon peaks at 20 degrees of Leo and then begins to wane through Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio until forming her 3⁄4 square at 26 Scorpio 41. Venus starting off through Aries comes into conversation with Chiron before heading into a square with the Moon’s nodes. Mercury slows down as he approaches Neptune in Pisces before coming to a halt and stationing retrograde on the 16th.

This retrograde will last three weeks and will take Mercury all the way back into Aquarius. Just as He is sharing secrets with Neptune in the mysterious sign of Pisces, Mars marches like an army into the powerful earth sign, Capricorn to join Jupiter, Saturn, Ketu, Pallas Athene, Ceres, and Pluto for the great council. Undoubtedly, they would all like to know what mischief Mercury and Neptune might be up to!

As you might imagine, with these configurations, everything is not quite what it appears, or seems to be. Actions may be initiated under the guise of some ill-begotten deception so it will be very important to read the fine print and carefully decipher underlying truths/motivations. It may even be hard to fathom your own depths for a few weeks’ time as Mercury retrogrades back to meet the Sun in Pisces. Good to keep in mind that retrograde Mercury is best used to reflect, rethink, remember, and redo. A great time for editing that book or movie and adding some imaginative insights into your journal.

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