Full Moon in Pisces | September 1 – 9, 2020

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We all have Pisces & Neptune somewhere in our chart wanting to take us someplace! So, grab your chart & have a listen!

Full Moon in Pisces to ¾ | September 1 – 9, 2020 by KAYPACHA

The Full Moon is like a nice ripe apple that we picked at the New Moon and polished to shine before offering it to the world at the Full Moon point. We present ourselves, our hopes, fears, wishes, dreams, and accomplishments up and out to display, be seen, and responded to by others. It’s a tense point full of anticipation (conscious or not), pregnant with possibility, and yet contains the potential for not receiving back all that we’d hoped for. So, the week from the Full to the 270° square is a week of listening, receiving, and shielding, protecting ourselves from what the world wants to give us. As we can’t control the world or other people, it is a time of watching closely and being alert for both opportunities and curveballs.

I love the Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon (Pisces 11°): “Men traveling a narrow path, seeking illumination. Keynote: The capacity inherent in every individual to seek at whatever cost entrance to a transcendent realm of reality.”

In his description, Dane Rudhyar goes onto say, “The greatness of humanity is that we can always be greater;…The path is always open to the pure in heart, the mentally aware, the conqueror of emotions and the spiritually self-mobilized… We can always go further, reach beyond. But we have to take the first step. Someone can show us the Path, but we alone can do the walking. Thus, the Zen injunction: WALK ON.” 1

Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th house have to do with Samadhi, Nirvana, and states of being at-one with Life, Source, Creator, “All That Is.” This Full Moon holds the promise of at least perhaps glimpses into that state of being for those choosing “the Path.” It is not a path for everyone, and as stated, it cannot be walked for us or shone to us, we need to “go there.” It is a “place” outside time and space, outside the highs and lows, losses and gains, MSM, and our material, physical existence. It is an inner experience of our infinite nature begotten by releasing attachment to, desire for, or fear of what is happening in this particular “realm of the universe.” Let’s do it!

Of course, it being a Full Moon, the Sun is over there in Virgo telling us to get it together! Fortunately, He’s in a grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus all week, so we might make strides in that direction! Not, of course, without challenges, as what is an initiation into illumination without challenges? LOL! We can see this whole year as an initiation. The very nature of initiation is to check and see if the initiate is a ready, mature, full, grown, skilled, patient, wise, loving, MASTER prepared for the next level or phase of his/her evolutionary journey (or not). It is as if there is no moving on without these checkpoints, eh? Let’s look at the current state of affairs, or disasters, as “checkpoints,” as it can be a healthy perspective.

This week the “checkpoints” are reflected in the Venus, Mars, Saturn T-square, as you can see in the accompanying chart, as Venus conjuncts the North Node of Saturn (28º Cancer 07′). This portends a rather austere, serious (and possibly uninformed) guardian of the threshold to higher consciousness awaiting us. Interesting too, how Dane also refers to “the conqueror of emotions,” as this will be a week of powerful emotions, perhaps instinctive reactions, urges, impulses, and desires erupting as the Moon moves out of Pisces to join the “Aries gang.” (refer to chart). Let’s break down the cyclic unfolding into days for further clarification.

Tuesday, September 1

Mercury trines Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith conjuncts Eris all day before the Full Moon.

Probably, another theme for this week is, “Don’t burn yourself out!” Sometimes, Virgo/Pisces can give/work until it hurts, collapses or feels used/victimized. So, while we may be getting a tremendous amount accomplished and be tempted to keep going, the challenge may be to stop, pause, let go and let it be. Let go of control and hand the reigns over to the “most high,” trusting that our work will both prove worthy and not be wrecked or wasted either!

Wednesday, September 2

While the Sun moves into an exact trine with Uranus promoting rapid, significant changes for the better, Venus comes into her exact opposition with Saturn.

This could be a day where the old saying “you don’t always know what’s best for you” could apply! While things may feel constrained, even depressing or lonely, there is something in the works that can bring profound awareness and illumination. Time will tell.

Thursday, September 3

We have a nice triangle with the Moon opposite Mercury in trine with (Saturn sextile the Moon). Later in the day, She moves into Aries.

I must say, this does look like a week of work, work, work! There may be some squabbles regarding whatever project you’re working on if it is with other people, or you may need to edit, redo, or in other ways, get your patience tested, but the overall outlook is one of accomplishment.

Friday, September 4

The Moon conjuncts Chiron and inconjuncts the Sun, while Venus comes into her exact square with Mars (Mercury gets involved in the mix too).

It’s a tough call for today as our passions get aroused with Venus and Mars, creating some heat with that friction, Saturn is up there giving them a hard time. It’s like a couple of young kids who wanna play around and wish their parents weren’t home or something. Maybe you finally set a hot date and have to work late? It may be an opportunity to take a good look at your priorities and see whether you need to tell the boss (or your superego) to get lost/chill out. Setting some limits for yourself so your life is balanced is essential. Don’t forget the old saying: “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Saturday, September 5

The temperature rises as the Moon squares “the boardroom” up there in Capricorn as she conjuncts the “Aries gang” (Black Moon Lilith, Eris, and Mars). Fortunately, Mercury slides into Libra, the peace-keeper.

It may not be so easy coming down off that Full Moon “path to illumination,” and dealing with all the rubble and rumblings going on down here in the day to day life. It may trigger some anger or bring up some of the more “human emotions” that you (on a soul level at least) want to conquer. It can be a good time for intentional dialogue to clear longstanding emotional conflicts, either internal or with your partner.

Sunday, September 6

Venus enters Leo as the Moon shifts into Taurus (squaring each other), and conjuncts Uranus.

It’s a good day to get out there and try something new and different! With the grand trine in earth, this may be along the lines of a new park, beach, masseuse, restaurant, or try cooking up something different yourself. If you want just to sit around and do the same old same old, you may find yourself getting surprised or upset with interruptions as life wants to get you out of your ruts.

Monday, September 7

Well, well, well, funny enough, you may even be excited to get back to work. Today could be when you hear back some good news or launch that project you’ve been working on, or make satisfactory progress toward your goals. A good day to put your money where your mouth is, sign those papers, make the deal, or promote yourself/team. You may receive adequate compensation for your efforts!

Tuesday, September 8

The Moon keeps sailing through Taurus, gathering resources, building up what was started earlier, and moves into Gemini later in the day.

Within all the chaos of these modern times, you may find yourself on a small roll of good fortune with this week starting out all right. Time to show others what you’ve been up to, get some feedback (and maybe applause?), and share ideas!

Wednesday, September 9

Not that it’s the grand finale, but the high may peak as the Sun trines Jupiter just while Mars is stationing to go retrograde.

Mars will remain retrograde until the middle of November. As he is indicative of forward motion, we may all experience some setbacks, do-overs, and just plain frustration with people, places, and things not going the way we want. Like a car overheating, we find ourselves “steaming” or get the feeling we are treading water instead of getting anywhere. Cosmically, it is a time to review our actions and see if they are truly in alignment with our “higher purpose,” if we are walking our talk or procrastinating, avoiding, or fear moving into/creating a new future. All in all, it’s a good week, and we may find ourselves in need of pulling out of the race and taking a pit stop for some new tires and tune-up after all that hard work. Keep it up and enjoy it!

So Much Love,


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