Ari Moshe on Learning Planetary Relationships

Author: Ari Moshe Wolfe

Hello everyone!

We’d like to invite you to join us in Module Three of Astrology for the Soul Chart Interpretation Course on Planetary Relationships.
This module is everything you need to know about aspects, phases and planetary relationships. Aspects and phases show us the relationship between all the various planets in the chart with one another. It’s a first and crucial step in beginning to understand the inherent interplay between all these various planetary functions within us and how all of that speaks to the souls evolutionary journey. Learning about aspects and planetary relationships is really the beginning of understanding how to read a chart in a way that speaks to the soul’s evolutionary journey – which we will go very deeply into in module 4!

This module is really good for two kinds of people. One, anyone who either feels they already got the basic evolutionary soul level perspective. You got the signs, houses signs, you can interpret basic signatures but you don’t really know aspects too well. What’s the difference between a sextile and a trine? What’s the difference between a first quarter square and a last quarter square? What are phases? And two, this course is great for those of us who have been studying astrology, have taken the first two modules and are ready to go deeper.

Want to join but fear you will be left behind because you didn’t take the first two modules? Don’t worry! You can join those at any time HERE.

Module Three is the most comprehensive workbook we have created so far. We’ve been working very hard to put this together, lots of graphics, examples, practice. We are very excited!

I hope you will consider joining us for Astrology for the Soul Chart Interpretation Course on Planetary Relationships!


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