Leo New Moon | Rapture of the Heart

Leo New Moon
8 degrees Leo
Wednesday, July 31, 2019
8:11pm PDT / 11:11pm EDT

By Christina Caudill

The Leo New Moon brings to a close the intensified July eclipse portal, sealing the metamorphosis into the heart until the dragon hole awakens again in 6 months time. This is also a moment of beginnings as every New Moon is a transition point for a cycle of growth, as a seed of intention is planted in order to grow, flower and bloom over time in nature of the sign it’s in with a flowering at the Full Moons in two weeks and six months time.

The Leo New Moon is an invitation to open the heart to generosity, joy, play, confidence and courage, with goddess Venus casting her spell of pleasure. After a month of shadows, this lunar cycle is a time to celebrate the return of the light.

The Sun is in its rulership in Leo, so the Leo archetype is currently in its purest form. While the Leo archetype is often caricatured as the King who boldly commands devotion, the brazen diva monopolizing the spotlight or the divine child destined for greatness, at it’s most essential it is the catalyst for creative expression. Each of us is born with creativity. In fact, we ourselves are a creative product of nature.

CG Jung called this “the creative impulse.” Artists channel this impulse into works of music, poetry and art, however, most people actively work to suppress and deny this impulse. This is often what leads to over-consumption, addiction, distraction and escapism that creates an endless cycle of meaninglessness. Without a creative outlet, the inner vision can become distorted into internal chaos. This is why creative expression is considered a sacred and healing art, necessary for the consciousness to bear witness to the soul.

The New Moon squares evolutionary Uranus in Taurus, awakening talents and calling for creative innovation. Flanked by cosmic lovers Venus & Mars, passion, pleasure and romance may be a wildflower growing in the garden. While Mars has been heating up Leo since July 2, symbolizing heat waves in the atmosphere and in our instinctive nature, Venus only recently emerged into the lion’s den on July 27, using her charm to cast her spell of pleasure over the drama. She’ll be balsamic to the Sun until August 13 when she’ll enter into the solar heart for renewal and rapture.

Mercury stations direct in emotional Cancer moments before the New Moon, and there appears to be a cosmic awakening of the mental slumber. As Mercury is opposite secretive Pluto, there may be some needed truths coming to light, or a release of resentment that would do well to be realized rather than to continue to fester in the darkness of the unconscious.

The Sabian Symbol for this Leo New Moon is “Glass blowers shape beautiful vases with their controlled breathing.” This image expresses the adeptness needed to handle the dynamic element of fire, which has the power to both create and destroy. Using just the right amount of controlled creative intensity, the fragile material – which could easily be shattered – is molded and ‘seduced’ into taking the form of an object of great value and beauty. This seems to speak of our own Leo fire whose potential can run the gamut of narcissistic arrogance to courtly adoration to divinely inspired confidence. Use your power of creative expression joyously, wisely and well.


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