Mercury retrograde in Pisces

We have officially entered the shadow period of Mercury retrograde and this time it spans from 28°13 Aquarius to 12°53 Pisces. It officially goes retrograde the 17th of February and direct the 10th of March, but stays in his shadow until the 30th of March. If you have any planets on these degrees it is, as usual, smart to keep a track on practical details and make sure you communicate as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstanding, and especially so because Mercury spends most it’s time in the blurry ocean of Pisces.

Pisces is all about blurry. We are constantly swimming in a ocean of emotion, feelings, thoughts and ideas. Our illusions are influencing the way we see things, and rarely do we stumble upon something that is completely pure and free from illusion. When that happens, we experience a sense of clarity. Someone who is capable of seeing beyond the veil and speak beyond projection. This is however, very rare. Most of us are deep into the web, mostly trying to make sense of what is really going on, constantly being fed information from this end or that end.

Confusion is a keyword here. Pisces is deeply sensitive, picking up the signals that most people simply ignore. However, naivety, negative and positive expectations and a tendency to fantasize can influence the sensitivity and the radar gets distorted. We “see” what we want to see.

I have met some people in my life who are completely free from this. That is beyond fascinating. And it has been a very liberating experience for me. I am forever grateful and it has made me very conscious about my own doubts, fears, illusions and ideas. Through these experiences I have seen how some individuals are simply utterly free from the illusion that truth hurts, truth is bad, truth is something we do not talk about.

So most of us tend to lie. We protect the ego of ourselves and of others. We lie mostly to ourselves, but the consequence is that we also lie to others.

According to studies, most people lie about 10 times or more during the course of a day. Little lies, white lies, subtle lies. And these types of lying ties into our need for validation, appreciation, protecting our reputation, maintaining some power or covering up a weak sense of self-value or guilt. Or simply because it is comfortable and keeps you out of trouble. But, beyond co-dependency there is honesty. And that is true power. Then you feel strong in life. Integrity. It feels like heaven.

This little Ted-video sheds some light into how incredibly normal this tendency to lie is. We are all doing it. And we are all collaborating in a lie. Just think about how often does this happen. Right now it is happening in a grand scale as well. Right in front of us.

In the end Meyer says: “You start up that path of being just a little bit more explicit because you signal to everyone around you that “hey, my world is going to be an honest one”

It is those situations that requires true courage.

Let’s go back to Mercury in Pisces. Why is it so difficult to be clear when Mercury is in Pisces? Well, Pisces deals with truth. Not wishful thinking or ideas. But before it gets to truth, it needs to sort through all kinds of illusions and projections. So there is a phase of deep confusion. And when we are unclear and uncertain, there is little point in communicating. When there is doubt, there is nothing to say. Things will just get even more blurry.

Think about for instance planning a life. Say you want to do something, create something. It seems like a good idea in the beginning, but after a while details arise that creates doubt. If there is no knowledge about the “how to”, which is the opposite Virgoan aspect of creation, there will be little clarity. We “see” the truth, have a vision and then it gets complicated when it comes to actually doing it. With anything Pisces this is the struggle, and especially so when it comes to Mercury in Pisces. Inspiration happens in the moment. What is true and feels true in this moment, might seem ridiculous in the next. Or not important.

Two opposing things might feel true, and if there is little knowledge about how to choose (Aries-Libra archetype), then we have a situation that is hanging in the air. Mercury will be making contact with Chiron and Uranus 3 times during this retro-shadow period. The first one is now (02° degrees), the second is the end of February (03°) and the third the end of March (05°). These aspects tell us that this Mercury retrograde will both be related to using our willpower and be brave enough to communicate authentically (Chiron in Aries) what feels scary, and understand that our capacity to be open is directly proportional to our self-worth (Uranus in Taurus) and how we perceive ourselves.

Mads Perch

This is a deeply sensitive phase of Mercury. Our psychic channel will be open and our inner life can be highly activated. Human beings are very sensitive, and the more conscious we become, the more conscious of that sensitivity we get. Denial is easy until life itself shows us that denial isn’t helpful. The Chiron connection here is interesting. Chiron tell us that we are also animals, or pure instinct if you like.

The instinct has its own radiation, its own expression, whether we like it or not. So we might say one thing, but if our instinctual and emotional nature expresses something else, albeit in silence, we get a situation that feels like walking on broken glass. It can be scary. We know from the stories of the Centaurs that they were wild. They let go of the control, and in this they hurt each other. We know this from our own lives as well. We can start out as diplomatically as we can, but underneath, violent emotions might surface if they have been denied.

So honest self-talk is always important, and all we can do is check in the mirror. What is the nature of our projections? How do we attempt to control or survive? Are we truly capable of listening or are we running on assumptions and ideals? Do we pretend to be something we are not and is this fear constantly pushing us into a superficial life?

With this Mercury retrograde it might be a good idea to spend time in silent reflection. If you are in a situation that requires action, then meditate first, act afterwards. Seek the ocean. Seek nature. Seek the mountains. Seek the sky. Listen to music. Clean your house. Work on your health and know that health is dependent on your capacity to create good boundaries for yourself and in your life in general. Mercury in Pisces can be delightfully inspired, artistically inclined and spiritually perceptive. So, when the awareness is cleared and open, truth can happen. Making it happen is the challenge here. One step at the time, one moment at the time is always a good way to get things done.

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