Newsletter for August 26, 2020

Hola Time Travelers!

Now, aren’t we all? Time is both an illusion and a very real reality (I say as my hair turns gray and falls out!). Astrology is the study of evolution that occurs through time cycles, so we’re into it. The Moon, Saturn, Cancer, South Node, and 4th house, in particular, are associated with the past. As I mention in the report, this week can be an excellent time to review and reflect on our past and how it got us where we are today. This reflection, in turn, can help us feel safe and firm on our current path or allow us to see a different way that may be more fulfilling. Don’t be afraid to change directions now!

The changes are unending around here these days with me, my head, heart, business, website, family, and spiritual practice, to name a few. Whew! Looking at different possible futures in these areas and the landscape is not always clear. So, thank God/dess for the Lunar Planner LOL! I’m popping this out on a weekly basis, along with some other fantastic astrologer friends, and it is a great bonus that is now available for free. I’ll be kickstarting the NPA community again with the new website coming up, and it will then be a member benefit. Check it out HERE!

Another member benefit is a weekly get together, sometimes for a live reading, a Full Moon extravaganza, or an instructional Zoom chat. This last Sunday, I discussed and took questions regarding “Working with Shadow: A Journey Around the Zodiac.” I discussed the nature and meaning of “shadow,” and how it shows up for each of the 12 archetypes. Seeing, owning, and working with our shadow is probably the fastest track of evolution possible, in my opinion. It is basically “making the unconscious conscious,” which is what I feel life is all about anyway. To find out more about yours and how to turn it into gold CLICK HERE!

Where I am now is a result of my past, 
And what I believed to be true. 
It helps to go back, compare and contrast, 
The original plan with the new. 

I know this week’s mantra might be a little tricky and require listening to the whole report to get it, LOL! But sitting with it can be part of a process to clarify goals, dreams, and aspirations in light of changing circumstances, which is what 2020 is all about, eh? It’s a good week for “house cleaning/clearing,” where “house” can symbolize many different things from our physical bodies to psychic space, to beyond.

Our unconscious Soul may “use” others to trigger different emotions, memories, or questions as we head into a Venus/Mars/Saturn T-square (more on that next week), so it’s good to remember that the entire universe is conspiring to raise our consciousness!

Try to own as much of your stuff as you can rather than blame, judge, and scapegoat others. While these times may be emotionally challenging, it can help to remember that they are suitable for laying a foundation for future happiness, security, and prosperity.


So Much Love,


This coming Sunday, August 30, Sol begins hosting a study group for the “Astrology for the Soul” students. Advanced astrology students who are not enrolled in “Astrology for the Soul” are also welcome. The group will meet online through Zoom for lectures and in-depth astrology work over 8 weeks. If there is enough interest, she is also considering setting up an extra study group for students in Australia and New Zealand who would not be able to attend the live meetings due to timezone differences.
If you would like to dive deeper, contact Sol at for further information and to register.

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