Oh My Love

I have been carrying Yoko Ono and John Lennon with me for a while, since their charts make up a great study in astrology, and relationship astrology in particular, and I have used them for a few lectures that I gave last year. 
And then this morning, on the very last day of Libra, I woke up with a song in my head going “oh my love”
So, I took to Spotify and searched. And “Oh My Love” with John Lennon came up. A song long forgotten, but still there.
Oh my Lover
For the first time in my life
My eyes are open
Oh my Lover
For the first time in my life
My eyes can see
Lennon was born with Sun in Libra and Mercury in Scorpio, our current combination of energy. This song is about empathy. The power to feel everything. 
And then we begin to care, but with caring comes a huge problem. We become oversensitive and care too much. Sometimes leading to feeling powerless and getting angry, sometimes leading to grief. 
Balance is of essence in the future. Are you too soft or too hard? 
One thing is to see, another thing is how we react to what you see. 
Choices, choices.
So how is that working for you? 
How do you experience life right now? What makes you strong and what takes you down? It is important to become aware of these things and then find out how to deal with that which makes you weaker, and move through it, not shy away from it.
Later today the Sun will enter Scorpio, the land of change. We are in the finishing stages of the old cycle of Saturn-Pluto that started in 1982, so now is a good time to shed that last skin that prevented you to move forward. Saturn-Pluto is all about how you use your resources. It is about using your time, your energy, your wisdom correctly, and value that. Move away from what doesn’t work and allow yourself to grow.  Or said with a little poem I wrote the other day:
“If you use your body as bait   
You might catch a fish or two
But you might have to wait some time
to reel in Love and Truth
If you use your mind as protection
You might convince one or two
But the heart will hide behind a construction
That prevents you to feel me like I feel you”

So Scorpio is all about purifying our desire nature so that we are ready to move into a deeper alignment. It is time.

That beautiful Scorpio a friend, Vibeke Koehler, drew for me.

Oh, yes, I will continue to work with John Lennon and Yoko Ono for my upcoming class on progressions, which is this weekend.

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Love, Sol

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