Pisces New Moon February 23rd, 2020

February 23rd 2020 the Sun & Moon conjunct in a new moon at 04 degrees of Pisces joined by a recently stationed Mercury retrograde.

The new moon period brings a time of resetting, letting the old go and renewing goals, directions and interests. Particularly the three days prior to a new moon are more introverted and a good time to be resting, meditating, tuning-in, allowing for this natural reset and renewal, especially when a new moon in Pisces!


The new moon on the 23rd is deeply introverted, visionary- even psychedelic-like. We are tuning into our deepest unconscious psyche in our dreams. Our imagination is taking us on interdimensional journeys, effortlessly. The realm of this exploration is mysterious, uncertain, existential; Pisces the most incomprehensible sign of the zodiac leaves us with more questions than answers.

The new moon joining Mercury retrograde is leading us to question the very purpose of our lives. The infinite complexity of interwoven energies, people, places, lifetimes, swirl throughout our inner mind’s eye as the world around us twists and turns with each and every new revelation and disclosure. A “bleed-through” of other-worlds, past lives, lost histories (such as the Pisces Age..) and mystic spirituality exposes the interconnectivity between everything that goes beyond our capacity to know.

The awe, wonder, surrendered sacred heart, loss of control and stability, sense of melting and drifting, divine inspiration and spiritual awakening unwound through the nature of Pisces inevitably leads us to recognize that surrender is all we need and sometimes all we can do, as the divine dance continues to unfold and the essence of life is unveiled, deeper. The new moon trine to her own north node in Cancer indicates this surrender, unfolding, and our own personal feeling based experience of this process itself can lead us all the more into understanding who we really are and what our deeper story and purpose truly is.

The new moon sets the tone for the coming month-long lunar cycle from February 23rd to the following new moon in Aries March 24th. This is a month to be on a spiritual journey, a rich, unpredictable, emotionally charged and flavorful adventure of constant unfolding and discovery.

It is so important to be as flexible as possible as our consciousness goes through these adjustments and as all the various dimensions, facets and priorities of life shift and flow into new forms as the show continues. There are tremendous changes taking place this year and already well underway indicated by the Saturn Pluto conjunction at the beginning of the year. This month is a period of really digesting what’s going on in the bigger overall picture and we must be as gentle, graceful and forgiving as possible while we all go through this period of processing in each our own way.


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