“Quarantined” the tale of the Gods and the humans.

by Sol W Jonassen

It was in the year 2020 that the Gods came up with a Virus so potent that it shut down the entire Earth and it’s fragile systems. And it was during a stellium in the feared Capricorn matrix that this had to go down. It had to happen while the Warrior Mars was rising to battle both Pluto, Jupiter, Saturn and Eris. And the Wounded Healer Centaur sat and watched, all alone. The aggressions roamed freely, but unexpressed. The humans decided to better not shake hands, and withdrew into their caves to once again connect with the womb.

Inside the womb the apocalypse grew. The humans had been so tired for such a long time, so ready to give up, but still bound to their duties to stay put and accept the conditions, perhaps even try to find some meaning while striving on to earn their reputation, their buck, their safety. Earning love. Their birthright. The Gods saw this. They saw their fatigue and also their folly. “Evolution takes time” they said, shaking their heads. “Promotheus was right to be humbled, he failed to see what humans do when they get power”

Power is one thing. THE thing. And the humans need power. It is their capacity to stand upright and create. It is their battery, their magnetism, their radiance. They need to be who they are. Yet power is so easily abused. So they go up and down, in and out of dimensions, until they learn from the lesson of Promotheus. How to be humble and live with love.

The Gods knew this:

A human only gets mad when you hurt him. When you deny his worth. When you treat him like a piece of garbage or a thing. When you step on her boundaries. When you eat, but give her no thanks. When you sleep in her bosom, but take it for granted. When you define her, but fail to see her. When you deny him his right, that is when he gets mad. Even if humans, seen from the Gods’ perspective, are capable of being human, they are still very much aligned with their animal nature.

They get hurt and if they are denied for a very long time, they grow into apathy, secretly wishing that there was another world. A place where kindness lived. Some chose to not stay. The pain of life conquered their fear of death.

“It is a matrix of drama!” Jupiter declared, secretly enjoying the speculative headlines that ended with an exclamation mark.  “Yet” Chiron added, “How about showing them there is a way. “Healing the distance between people, teaching them how to listen. How to love again?” Jupiter sneered! “Sure! Give it a go!”

And on humanity Covid-19 got released. Their immunity systems where fragile due to stress and tiredness. No hands to hold. Their vision of the future had been corrupted and left to die in a ditch. Their fear for their children and for loss had led to control and selfishness. Egoism was winning as God had died a long time ago. It was the perfect time for a catastrophe.

Meanwhile, in the heavens, the Gods came to meet.

The long lost son of Jupiter, Mars, had returned to clash, yelling at him that his arrogance was annoying. Unfair. Mars was fed up by Jupiter setting all the premises. Eris agreed. She had an ongoing thug-of-war with Pluto anyway and could not wait to catch up with Mars so that they could show the world that injustice and games wont do it. Eris has a thing with vanity you see. She cannot stand it. Whenever someone does something shallow and for their ego only, she flips. “Reputation? Afraid of your reputation Jupiter? Afraid of your ass? Worried that you might lose your power?” This is her method. Poking at the vanity of everything, sneering at the masks of pretense. Little wonder she wasn’t invited to the wedding to be quite honest. Now for this, she was hurt. She never got over it, it even made her more angry. “Why? Is it not fine to be like I am?”

Mars is angry too. But for slightly different reasons. It is not the hurtful kind of anger that his favorite companion Eris holds on to. It is simply anger to protect boundaries. “Thou shall not enter!”

No is his favorite word. “No, had it, enough, done, thank you, goodbye, ciao, enough”

And when he can’t get his powerful energy used properly, he gets frustrated. Angry.  The libido of life longs for expression, longs for being. He needs to set justice. And is willing to fight for it, the soldier that he is. He is not afraid of blood, but he has felt the pain of damage on his bones. He knows he has to obey the general, but once aroused, he never listens.

His grandfather Saturn on the other hand, is slowly getting out of the coach, ready to leave the Capricorn playground and enter into isolation in his Aquarius refuge. In silent rejection and with some contempt, he watched both the Gods and humanity while shaking his head. “They do not know who the real king is”

Once upon a time, a long time ago, his son, Jupiter, castrated him and tossed him out. “The king is dead, long live the king!” He still has his say, he is still feared and revered, but no one wanted to listen. He used to be a benevolent king feeding his people generously. The Age of Gold was his. When humans knew how to cooperate, how to obey. So he cast a law. “Follow natural law, be civil”

But it was not the law that was the problem. It was how he said it. With unquestioned authority. Castrating. With no trust in individuality, with no respect for the animal nature. He feared his own children, feared being taken over as he had once taken over his own father.

He fathered Chiron by turning himself into a horse and once Chiron’s mother saw her offspring, she was appalled. “What is this creature? Yuck!” So she left him. And Chiron had to carry himself. Thankfully Apollo adopted him teaching him the fine arts of healing. Of forgiving. Of returning back from the badlands, be connected and come home again. To cure illness. To find balance between the powerful, animalistic instinct and the fine capacity of the mind.

He grew to be a teacher of heroes. Achilles, Hercules, Asclepius, Jason. They all came to him to learn. But he himself was wounded and disturbed. When the fights of the Centaurs and of the Heroes commenced, he was fatally wounded. Eventually, due to the forced kindness of his stubborn brother Jupiter, he was granted freedom by switching places with Promotheus, who in turn, was being punished for stealing fire and giving it to the humans. Broken instinct swapped place with humbled intellect.

Promotheus learnt his lesson. Power is not to be taken lightly. Ignore the instinct at your own peril. Deny the shadow, but get ready for being seized. Because the shadow cannot be ignored. Just ask Pluto. He has his own drama to deal with. Immense insecurity. His wife Proserpina knows all there is about that. She used to be a victim of it, but not any longer. She took her throne. Nothing frightens Proserpina, she just calls bullshit whenever bullshit is around. Of all the deities, she is my favorite. But this was not her party. She wasn’t even in the room. For now, only the Men and Eris, the warrior woman, was invited.

And it was during that particular meeting Covid-19 caused a quarantine. A global isolation. A time to readjust. Humans were given a chance to come ajoure. Nature had to stand still for a while.

But the economy melted, like the icecaps. Eris knew for sure that nothing triggers violence more than money and insecurity. Individually, each human had to be poked for different reasons. As long as their money was safe in the bank, they could take a hit. They could still love. But once the dice was cast, the apple was thrown, she knew what would happen. The vanity would be gone, the pretense would evaporate. This made her smile, mischievous as she could be. “I want to see who you are in the battlefield. Will you kill your brother or help him? Will you kill your spouse or support? Will you be polite or will you devour?”

It is a cosmic shit test in other words. The Gods are up to mischief. Again. The ongoing soap that is the Olymp never ends. It cannot end. It is life itself. The dualities, the strengths, the weaknesses of the Gods are ours. Us humans. We can only learn.

This little tale of the Gods and the Humans is here to enlighten. But it does not take away the fact that we are in Mars-Pluto-Jupiter-Eris land. And Chiron is watching from the sideline. This is the clash of the giants, the potential for war. How you chose to sit with these energies depends on your capacity for forgiveness and understanding.

Listen to Chiron. What would he say? “Know your limitation, be aware, be sensitive of the wounding of others, we all have wounds. Be mindful of your actions, be fine with being alone, accept the human condition, death is not the final destination. Listen to your instinct, but act with your intellect. The Gods will fight the heroes. The battles never end. But you can be beyond duality. Once you start to listen. And forgive the hurts. You will be hurt. Be who you are, but think of others too. Being human is about healing duality between being powerful and vulnerable. You are both emotion and mind. Trust both”

A healer walks in many dimensions. Sees through the veils. Chiron knows. He healed his own wound and showed up as his best.

Under this current pressure, we will see the shadows rise. You decide for yourself how to react. That was the gift of Promotheus. The freedom to choose.




“Here comes the Sun 

and I say “It’s allright”


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