Sagittarius Full Moon | Psychic Defragging

The Full Moon in Sagittarius will be exact on Monday, June 17 at 1:30 am PDT, 4:30 am EDT at 25 degrees Sagittarius / Gemini.

This Full Moon highlights the Galactic Center, the brightest center of the Milky Way galaxy and is a point of amplification of higher wisdom. Astrologer Philip Segwick writes that it applies pressure on the subconscious to purge conditioned behavior and memories in the interest of evolving. He calls is a “psychic defragging.” We may find ourselves doing and saying things in response to childhood traumas and emotional wounds, but we can have faith that with awareness, we can release the burdens of the psyche that keep us in past patterns and conditioning.

As Jupiter, King of the Gods and ruler of the Moon, is widely conjunct the Full Moon, suggesting our perception can be exaggerated, especially with the square to Neptune, the planet of illusions. However, Jupiter can also be the great bestower of blessings and grace. As he is currently retrograde, perhaps we must seek our own savior within, or access our own inner Wise One to provide hope & inspiration to another in need. Jupiter opens doors, but we must have the courage to walk through them. Forgiveness and protection is the realm of Jupiter and we may be blessed with these gifts or embody them for others.

This is all happening in the atmosphere for the intense opposition on the Capricorn-Cancer axis, with authoritative Saturn-Pluto facing off with aggressive Mercury-Mars. There can be much volatility, strife, emotional manipulation and airing of grievances. As they are aligned with the Lunar Nodes, what emerges can shift our path of destiny. The nearly exact Mars-Pluto opposition asks us to focus the full force of our energy into projects worth pursuing, where we can go ‘all in.’

The Chandra Symbol for the Full Moon is Climbing the steps of the pyramid of the Sun.”

Classical Maya civilization reenacted in fresh forms. Always having the Greater Sun beating down, always aware of the vaster picture. You tap a sensibility that is profound and extraordinary, the greater Gods and the human scene juxtaposed mightily. In tune with progressive evolutionary currents, you work very hard to reinstate the sacred upon the next spiral. Tuned in to what is really happening here. An expanded space for dreaming, remembering, conceiving, visualizing, and creating. Absolutely knowing that the galactic forces are integral to every breath, and moving toward true galactic citizenship with a passion.

While the road may at times be arduous and ask for your full being to constellate toward a higher purpose, as your faith is tested is grows stronger, fuller and more complete.

Sagittarius Full Moon Reflection Questions:

: See where the Full Moon falls in your chart or you can use the Mantras for your Sun sign, Rising sign and/or Moon sign. What is calling for your attention and truthful expression in this area?

: Review your intentions set at the Gemini New Moon for this cycle on June 3rd. What knowledge have you gained that can now be elevated to the realm of wisdom? What is being revealed to you around truths that are beyond facts, but speak to higher truths of the soul?

: Review your intentions set at the Sagittarius New Moon on December 6, 2018. What is coming into fruition now in this 6-month cycle of manifestation? What conditioned behaviors have kept you from reaching your potential? Identify these behaviors, give them thanks for having served you well in the past, and release them with gratitude.

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