Scorpio Full Moon – Tuning Into the Inner-World

Happy inner planet ingress week!
On the 15th of May Venus will enter her own sign of Taurus and Mars enters Cancer shifting the energy and focus from outer activity to inner reflection and processing. A full moon in Scorpio this coming weekend on the 18th illuminates our deepest desires and needs through the emotional body. There is a need to sit with out feelings and tune into the depth of information that can now be coming from out of our soul. Mars in Cancer desires to create safe-space so to process his emotions so to discover his own inner-needs. Venus in Taurus conjuncts Uranus in Taurus for the first time since 1936 the same day of our full moon awakening us into new insights and awareness of our bodies, immediate environments, relationship with resources, money and exchange of resources in general.
We’re also getting a jolt of awareness of just who we may be sharing this journey towards self sufficiency, simplicity and greater harmony between self and Nature. Asteroid Pallas Athena in Libra squares asteroid Juno in Cancer the same week on the 14th indicating a creative tension between our own creative and intellectual sharing vs. emotional connection in relationships bringing a need to include others in our creative sharing while being true to ourselves. The balance between outer stability and inner attunement continues to be a central theme and as Mars approaches the north node of the moon now though June we are learning to direct our energy to take care of our inner needs in balance with outer obligation; Mastering self-security by acting and responding to inner feeling and emotion without either suppressing, avoiding or being swept downstream by them.
The full moon in Scorpio illuminates our unconscious shadow and an opportunity to embrace what may be considered negative, complex, emotional as being valid, authentic and in fact a key to unlocking our total potential and power to change ourselves and surrounding world. For more info check out the whole astro forecast here!

Timothy Halloran is an astrologer who uploads two monthly astro-forecasts through his YouTube channel RasaLilaHealing

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