Taurus Full Moon | Lit from Within

Full Moon in Taurus
November 12, 2019
5:34 am PST / 8:34 am EST
19 degrees Taurus Moon / Scorpio Sun

Written by Christina Caudill

Insight: There’s important work to be done and a purpose to fulfill, but now is a time to slow down and assess your true values. Focus on self-care of the body, mind & soul so that you can continue to give your best to that which you value most. Prioritize quality over quantity or speed.

The Full Moon in Taurus is an illumination of the consolidation of inner resources necessary for an individual’s survival, self-determination and creative expression. Taurus is a tactile, sensual sign and while we can envision the Venusian Earth goddess luxuriating in nature’s abundance, there is also the shadow side to Taurus that can be stuck in limitation and poverty consciousness. Fears stem from the belief that there is never enough and we must be harnessed to hard work. The spectrum of the Taurus archetype covers the landscape ranging from survival anxiety to sensual indulgence.

This Scorpio season featuring Mercury retrograde has unleashed shadow material from deep within the psyche, and at this Full Moon we’re tasked with the work of processing it. Rather than simply wait for the storm to pass, we’re called to do the mental and emotional exploration to locate the source of the shadow material within ourselves. This is the only way for any real transformation to be possible and to interrupt the patterns that keep us repeating circular karmic paths.

It’s a time to build your own sanctuary, one that is your true soul home where you can be safe and close the door to the chaos of the outside world. Ultimately, Taurus is Venus’ yin sign who seeks stability, peace and grounding, which must be rooted in the self. Taurus calls for a slowing down of pace, a focus on self-care, quality and sanity.

Vesta in Taurus – the hearth of deep values
The Full Moon will be tightly conjunct asteroid goddess Vesta, symbol of the hearth, the sacred duty and the creative fire. Transits of Vesta often correlate to periods of intense focus and application of psychic energy to a task of great importance – a sacred duty. In my podcast episode on Goddess Vesta: Keeper of the Sacred Flame astrologer Michelle Gregg spoke of the mythology of the Vesta whose hearth was passed down from mother to daughter to warm the home. The Vestal Virgins were women who were in complete command of their own sexuality. Astrologically, Vesta can correlate to the sexual and creative ‘hearth’ fire within and as Taurus is a sign of values, there may be a desire to focus one’s kundalini energy toward what is essential to our values. Perhaps there’s a desire to retreat from the drama and chaos of the Scorpio archetype into the safe and private chamber of the self in Taurus.

Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn – concentrated power
The pace of Taurus tends to be plodding ahead, putting one determined foot in front of the other. This is the sign of Fixed Earth and while it may not be as immediately responsive as other archetypes, it may be the most determined of them all. Taurus is sometimes associated with stuckness, limitation and procrastination, which may be due to the psychic burden one feels when embarking upon a monumental task or to creating works of quality.

The Full Moon will form an Earth trine to the midpoint of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn and as these two karmic powerhouses move even closer together, the pressure builds to become your own authority, especially when authorities fail us. Rather than be crushed by the pressure, allow it to provide the steam to your motivation engine.

Mercury rx in Scorpio – brutal truth
Monday, November 11 marks the midpoint of the Mercury retrograde transit in Scorpio, as well as the interior conjunction with the Sun that is also a rare transit of the face of the Sun viewable from Earth. This puts Mercury rx tighly in the mix of the Full Moon, suggesting that the psychopomp Mercury has a significant message from the depths of the Scorpio Underworld. It’s a moment to awaken from denial and realize the truth that emerges into awareness. Scorpionic material is often that which has been long festering in the dark and can be hard to accept but is necessary to attain resolution, healing and freedom. Allow the alchemy of truth to set you free.

Venus square Neptune – inspired fantasy
Venus, the ruler of the Full Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius where she’s eager to explore new territory. As she moves into square Neptune, exact on Nov 14, she may find her perceptions distorted as Neptune may overwhelm her with escapist dreams or unrealistic desires. In terms of this Taurus Full Moon, Venus here can add some much needed glamor to the overly practical Taurus element. Allow yourself space to enjoy smelling the roses and take time to escape into fantasy, but don’t overdose or waste your energies when there’s important work to be done.

The buck stops here – my Taurus past life story
My own Mean natal Lunar Nodes are at 19 Taurus (SN) / Scorpio (NN) – the degrees of this Full Moon, and I’d like to share a recent past life journey of mine. Two weeks ago, I attended Patricia Walsh’s Kairos Astrology Training where we explored our lunar nodes through active imagination. In one of the exercises, I conducted a past life regression, of which I’m a practitioner of past life experiences, and a disturbing scenario emerged. In it, I was a poverty-stricken single mother with a baby boy, employed as a laborer on a farm. One day, I went to breastfeed my baby and had no breastmilk due to malnourishment. In total exhaustion and frustration, I broke down and cried. I could feel the weight of the world on my back and it seemed there was no hope in sight.

As I fast-forwarded in time, I found myself as the owner of a large industrial farm. I saw several enormous stainless steel vats of milk and it appeared I was a milk producer for the entire country. Although I achieved success, it came at the price of connection as I was estranged from my family. At my death bed, I was surrounded by my clan but realized I didn’t know them and felt they were all just waiting for their inheritance. Later, I realized that because I couldn’t produce milk for my baby which triggered the deep wound of survival anxiety, I vastly overcompensated by producing milk for an entire nation! It’s amazing how the psyche works.

Later that day at the retreat as I was seated near a window, a young male deer appeared, stopped in front of me and looked me right in the face. It felt like a message and when someone said the deer was called a “buck” I thought of the phrase “the buck stops here.” I should mention that Venus rules my Taurus South Node and is conjunct my Scorpio North Node, and so the sense of duty seems to be part of both my past and my future. I came away with the sense that the extreme of excessive emphasis of work can be as damaging and constricting as poverty, and that alignment with true values is the key to the middle way and right livelihood.

The Sabian Symbol for this Taurus Full Moon is: “Wisps of Winglike Clouds Streaming Across the Sky.” As the Taurus Full Moon wants us to keep our feet firmly planted in the Earth, this symbol suggests so look up to the sky in awe of the great cosmos. The light within you comes from the stars. Attune to the inspiring visions and the guidance of spirit. Signs are everywhere guiding your journey.

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