Taurus New Moon | April 22, 2020

The Taurus New Moon will be exact on April 22nd at 10:26 pm EDT at 3 degrees of Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is “A Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow.”

This evocative symbol connects the fantastical with the mundane, inspiring a sense of possibility and abundance… but is all that shimmers truly gold? Dane Rudhyar notes that all mythologies express a similar linkage, “the bridge used by divine beings to communicate with mortals.” The quest for an ideal may be more rewarding to the soul than wealth and riches themselves.

It’s worth noting that this degree is known for being the Chiron discovery degree – the Wounded Healer and Centaur planet that acts as the emissary, or “rainbow bridge” between Saturn and Uranus. While Chiron’s own journey is often accompanied by wounding, the true purpose is one of adaptation toward a new mutation.



The Sun will have recently left impatient, fiery Aries for the more plodding terrain of earthly Taurus. In fact, this is not only the sign but the degree of the Moon’s exaltation who craves satisfaction, attachment, comfort, generosity, and belonging. The tactile, sensual side of the Moon is in her element here. There’s a greater urge to settle in and to retreat from the constant push of Aries impulsiveness in order to consolidate energy toward a more yin, inwardly focused.

If only things were as simple as Taurus desires. There’s a house crasher in the form of revolutionary Uranus, only 3 degrees from the New Moon, bringing in the element of the unexpected. Uranus will flip the script and shatter paradigms to ensure we’re on our toes. Past transits of Uranus in Taurus have correlated to periods of mass migration or food shortages, with the Uranian influence providing the urgency for collective shifts in priorities. The underlying sense of survival anxiety and uncertainty of the material world is an opportunity to evolve in our relationship to what is necessary to survive and thrive.

The Uranian influence becomes even more apparent as it moves closer to the Sun where they will conjoin on April 26. The concept of self-sufficiency will need to be redefined in ways that access the future, rather than what’s no longer possible. Uranus ultimately offers liberation and will ensure that complacency gives way to evolution.

The New Moon squares Saturn in Aquarius, and the burdens of sweeping change can be a challenge requiring new levels of perseverance. Aquarius is the realm of abstract ideas and Saturn charges us with making the future real in the now. Regulations around physical distancing have forced networks and connections to be made in novel ways. Survival may depend upon growing our muscles of engaging with new technologies – whether this means technologies of science, computing, evolved creative thinking or expansion of the mind and spirit.

Venus rules this New Moon, so as this lunation cycle unfolds over the next 4 weeks, we’ll look to Venus in Gemini to guide the unfolding cosmic story. Venus loves pleasure, attraction, beauty and relating, and in Gemini, this is often through a variety of social connections and pursuits of knowledge and learning. Venus will be retrograde May 13 – June 25 which deepens her significance in our experience of connection, desire, pleasure, and love in uncertain times.


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In astrology the Sun is like the hour hand, the Moon the minute hand and the Ascendant the second hand. Let’s all listen to the natural cycles of change during these times by tuning into our great Mother Moon!

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