The healing rays of the Sun

By Sol W Jonasssen, dreamteamer.

As the quarantine is growing in us and on us it is evolving like a consciousness of its own. Some relationships have faded, others grown stronger. Dreams have died, new ones been born. The future is not looking as it once did and we still have no alternative dream that seems reachable. Earth is traveling through space without knowing what is the next step.

Galactic traveling once felt so fun, now the sun is gone and the party is over. 7.7 billion people who cannot go on vacation. How boring. Where to next?

As the Sun recently went into the solar minimum, we are also experiencing less solar activity and thus, the central principle in our solar system seems to be in its own little lock down.

Experts talk about this being a similar solar minimum to previous cycles that lasted several decades and that caused a drop of temperature globally. Almost like a little Ice Age.  So not only are we not able to go on vacation, we also have to stay put in a very cold place, at least where I am. It was snowing the other day and I felt sorry for the tulips in the park.

What does a solar minimum mean? Well, the sunspot activity on the sun goes nearly dead. No big bursts of solar energy towards earth. No fueling up from the radiance of the sun. And since the Sun, the heart of our solar system, is less active, we are more exposed to cosmic radiation.

Ponder that for a while. How did it feel the last couple of months? Did you feel like you were more prone to being receptive for your surroundings? To the collective vibe? Did you notice weird and alien presence in your field? Like something entirely new was entering?

The whole Covid-Vibe is a weird one. This virus is so strange. It feels alien. According to a one theory (one not accepted) virus can travel through space, hiking on meteors and falling into our sphere like debris. Raining virus! However, that is an extraordinary claim and in science, that requires extraordinary proof. And right now there is none. It’s called the theory of Panspermia; Life on earth has been impregnated with space. That is just a theory of course, but for yours truly the idea of earth making love to the cosmos is rather enticing.

But I wander. Let’s not get lost. So back to the plot:

The Covid has been odd. Surreal. Like something we have never encountered before. The virus behaves in ways that has had scientists scratching their heads. Just when they think they get it, something new pops up. What they know is that it affects the nervous system. And it is very hyper despite the fact that it can slumber for a long time before illness kicks in.

But in a world of virus experts left and right, I will shut my pie hole and come back to what I initially have been thinking about. The Sun. And its radiance. Too much of her rays can scorch you and create growths and mutations you don’t want. But too little of it and the immune system falters. Cold equals stiffness and eventually, withdrawal. Without warmth, the body withdraws its vital energies to protect the most important organs. There is a hierarchy in the body where the heart and the brain are the most important ones. These two the body protects until death kicks in.

So, what if we are looking at a long period of solar minimum, what do we need to learn to survive? There are connection to health issues and the solar cycle, and I think mostly because the vitality we gain from the sun changes. In astrology the Sun is our life joy, our spunk. “I am here, and hurrah! Life is swell, I am radiating.” Like a flower that opens her crown to feed on light, so do we, under the right circumstances and with the presence of love, share our fragrance, our essence with the world. At night the flowers sleep. They close up. Without light nothing can blossom.

The Sun has what is known as the Heliosphere. It is the cosmic egg of radiance that is the womb of our solar system and it extends far beyond the Kuiper belt. We are traveling through space inside the Solar Womb. And you thought you had an outside? That anything was outside. Seems we are the ones who are inside.

We are held in protection. Earth has an atmosphere and the Solar sphere is its own bubble. Energetically, radiation protects. If you are too sensitive, you are too magnetic, pulling things you don’t want into your field. You also need to shine. It is your protection.

And that is the Sun. As you heart beats it creates a field. A Heliosphere around you if you like. This is your protection as you travel through space on this third rock from the Sun. If that principle is destroyed, you are not immune anymore. Thoughts and energies will invade you. Sort of like a alien invasion if you like. And life contains the whole spectrum, from known to unknown energies and this is scary on a deep, subconscious level for most people. How to adapt to the new we are exposed to? That is the grand question as everything is changing all the time.

We build walls. We close up.  

But we cannot be impenetrable, then we never grow. We need the seeding from the cosmos around us. We just need to be vary of which energies we let in and we need to know how to transform through fire that which isn’t welcome or beneficial. The gatekeeper cannot abandon his post. We can never truly slumber. We are only defensive when we slumber. When we are awake we are always where we need to be. Present.

This is energy healing basics.

So when the Sun moves into a minimum we will need our spiritual practice more than ever. The deep breath work, the yoga, the meditation, the actual and conscious connection to the force of life. We need to work on ourselves so we can handle the cold, the fear, the uncertainties. We need to be able to not have so much money or eat so much food. People eat and drink too much and throw away too much food and too much time. That cannot happen in a solar minimum. This is the time for the Capricorn Goats. Those who can live on a little and climb the highest mountains effortlessly. Because they practiced. And they never slumber. They are always present. Otherwise they fall into the pit.

So stay woke. That silly expression. But it is so fun. And there is truth in it.

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