The “how to avoid being put off balance in June”-recipe.

An essay about Saturn-Pluto-Mars-Jupiter-Neptune and the Moon throwing a party in June. Nothing less.

The Geekdepartment, consisting of astrologers who are constantly tuning in on the deep metaphysical cycles of life, can report that June is particular. All months are particular, but this month is particular-particular if you know what I mean.

You who follow the Department of Magic (I think that is a good name for it/sorry J.K. Rowling but we where here first) might also stumble upon the gloomy-dark interpretation of the upcoming cycles more often than not in the coming time.

So I thought I’d counteract that by giving some sound advice, gently reminding you all to “Don’t Panic!” and generally speak a little bit about how to milk this cow and get some milk instead of getting stuck in a traffic jam and lose your marbles. That can happen too, if you are dead tired of life and it’s annoying demands (which never ends btw)

But before we get there, let’s get the juicy combo out there. We are talking about a crescendo of planets stacking up at 17-18-19 degrees around the 14th of June and although it ain’t unusual for a little planetary hotspot degree like this, I guess it’s the planets involved that makes for a rather unfriendly family gathering. Or not. Depends on who’s looking.

Nothing is written in stone. Rule number one “The planets are neutral”. Write that down. Remind yourself every day. Chant it out loud! Don’t buy into the hype. You are the boss. You run your life-ish.

So why aren’t we overly happy with the fact that (braze yourself) Mars in Cancer on the North Node in Cancer oppose Saturn-Pluto and South Node in Capricorn, gets fueled up by Jupiter in Sagittarius, slightly confused by Neptune in Pisces and tick-tocked by a swiftly transiting Moon in Scorpio (the 14th)? Why is that a problem?

Well, do the math. A lot of these planets are already doomed by the public to be a pain in the ass. Literally. This is a train wreck waiting to happen according to some. Or is it? That depends on the manager off course, which in this case is you. And the manager might run into some paradoxical challenges with these particular energies. Not to say they are unmanageable, but they can be unruly.

Mars in Cancer is renowned for being moody, especially when there has been no long lunch breaks, nor snuggles in bed. Mars in Cancer-people constantly put their alarm clocks on snooze and would preferably have about 3 hours in the morning to get ready. After a long breakfast and the security of a full bank account, they run smiling out the door, ready to nurture the world and stand up for those less fortunate. If they don’t get that, then please take cover. Nothing is moodier than a moody Mars in Cancer. They slam doors and pout. And now this quality applies to us all. We all get a taste of how that feels.

But Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn ain’t having a long breakfast in bed followed by a foot massage. Sweet lord, the timer is ticking! The pressure is on! The world is on fire and the accountant is constantly bugging you to get what you promised to deliver. There is no such thing as being late and the world is not a place for whiners. Hello! Get over yourself they say and do it quickly, you need to show up and be ready.

And then there is Jupiter going “eh, where’s the beer? And when does the party start? And btw did you get my note on the massive dreaming I’ve been doing lately? We need to tap into that unending potential at one point. But first, a party. I got the urge to have fun and we can do some work tomorrow.”

Add a dash of Neptune in this soup and those magnified expectations just get larger. Neptune sits in the window, looking longingly for a world of simplicity, dreaming about a time when it was all so much easier, while holding a look-out to see if Jesus himself will walk through the garden to save the day. “Oh Dreams be Real” he chants while secretly hoping he is not seduced by his own illusion and will be lost again. So he rather sits waiting passively. Or he bands up with Jupiter and creates a Chaos out of another World. Depends on the individual off course which route that goes.

So recap: Saturn-Pluto= the party is over, Jupiter-Neptune= what did I just do? Ok. Got it.

Now over to the Moon in Scorpio. The Day. (Capital Letters mind you) The 14th.

First a little personal story about the Moon in Scorpio. I have had my greatest challenges as a human being with this particular moon transit. I don’t like the moody mood I get in. Always a sense of something missing. A lack of some sorts. I have heard stories of rare people actually loving this transit, but secretly I don’t believe them. My cynic believes that is must be a rare form of cognitive dissonance that only people with planets in Scorpio indulge in in a desperate attempt to ameliorate Scorpio. Good luck with that.

It is a Moon phase (2.5 days) that tends to reveal the shit that we wished was hidden and we never had to take a look at. Fun? Can be if you have 300 planets in Scorpio and you love the emo-drama of your sub-conscious self.

So with this crescendo of on the one hand Mars-Saturn-Pluto forcing us to smell the coffee and Jupiter-Neptune just wanting to back-pack forever, our moods can turns sour on days like this. The tension of actually having to work and pay the bills without getting a breather can translate into back pains and headaches. Mars-Saturn is famous for all kinds of rheumatoid diseases and anything that has to do with stress-related back pain and if you already have the tendency, then please, now is the time to find that tool kit of yours and apply it.

There are ways to stress down even when the mood is going shit crazy. But most people wait until the damage is done and they have to repair. Don’t. Start today. Sit for meditation. Breathe. Hire a masseur. When you relax, don’t look at your phone. Remove Facebook and Instagram from the menu and stop worrying for a second or two. Maybe even for five minutes. Mars in Cancer will be happy. And we want to keep Mars in Cancer happy. Road rage and silent hostility never made the world a better place.

Cry if you have to, get angry if you must. For the latter, please be fair enough to either get mad in the bathroom or confront elegantly those who piss you off. It takes dignity and respect to get dignity and respect back.

As for the crying : Saturn-Pluto and South Node is on one hand a massive breaking free from abuse and the past. With this Cancer-Capricorn thingy going on, family and origins will pop up and you might see exactly what it was that challenged your capacity to be authentic. Power abuse in any form is becoming visible and the correct viewpoint is that we can all be abusive. Even people who consider themselves to be “nice” all the time, can be abusive with their “niceness”. They abuse themselves and deny the shadow. If I know one thing for sure is that anything Pluto is not about denying the dark side of humanity. It is about facing it. Owning up to it. And that is the only way to true power as opposed to this fake power game we got going on today.

So if you are the one who has to be your own parent, how do you sort out getting your personal needs met and at the same time show up for work? What are your priorities? And how to you manage your priorities?

Well, don’t ask Jupiter-Neptune. That square is wishfully thinking it will win 2 million dollars on the lottery and would rather spend it all on micro-brewed beer or retreats to the Amazon. I would much rather ask Saturn. And Saturn will say: “Don’t worry. There will be plenty of time to enjoy life. Right now, keep it real and be brave enough to face your challenges. If you say yes, I will say yes, and you are not walking alone. There is unending strength in you, you just got to trust it. And if you need help, ask. You are not needy just because you too need someone. It is a fallacy that you are supposed to do everything on our own just to prove that you are strong. You are just rendered weaker by that attitude. Don’t let your vanity get in the way of showing up in the world with your feelings and your vulnerability. Accept life and stop fighting it”

That’s what Saturn told me and I am telling you. Natural selection is about this. Life tests us to see if we have it in us to change and adapt to a bigger life with more potential. If we don’t, and we keep craving the ideal, we might get lost in our own self-pity.

I know it is harsh and that there are many out there who really feel stuck. And are stuck. But even in prison there can be liberation. Just look at Nelson Mandela. A man brave enough to forgive in an unforgiving world.

Saturn can trigger those who are longing for more understanding, more empathy, more softness in this world. But there is a parenting quality to Saturn that has to do with knowing when to move and when to rest. Saturn knows that parenting is not just about holding space for unending processing. It is also to gently kick you out of bed.

So just say “yes! Bring it on! But let me finish my coffee first!” and you’ll be fine.


And don’t kill the messenger (in this case me)

Big love from Sol!

Sol Jonassen


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