The nature of individuation

As we evolve and mature, as we grow beyond our limitations and fears, we reach a level were we are free from manipulation and a war inside of ourselves ceases to arise.

“A man or a woman who is not afraid is not aggressive, a man or woman who has no sense of fear of any kind is really a free, a peaceful human.”


In Evolutionary Astrology there is a model of understanding that relates to level of consciousness. Evolution happens on all levels, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, and in EA we call that consensus, individuated and spiritual levels.

In the consensus stage we adhere to the principles of society and go by the consensus understanding of reality.

In the individuated stage we reach deeper inside to find our own, unique voice and create a life that is in accordance with our own selves.

In the spiritual stage the ego is surrendered and a higher will is understood. This is a stage were we are prepared to serve humanity, and to understand and live by the principle of universal love.

The urge to evolve lies in everything. It is as natural as breathing and cannot be avoided. Today we see more and more people reach the individuating stage, breaking with the consensus way of living and thus setting themselves free from the habits of our culture.

As we reach for the future and yearn to resolve the past, we might find ourselves with a deep need to withdraw and retreat so that we are able to ground deeper into our personal energy and not be so sensitive to the world around us. If we are not beyond reactive behavior and we get deeply triggered by the world events or by relationships, we lose the capacity to have free will. We find ourselves back in the prison of the past where we repeat the same thing over and over again. This causes pain and a sense of not moving forward.

As the Moon has gone through Aquarius this weekend, my mind has surfed around some of the challenges we go through as we individuate. Aquarius is a sign where we get the gift and challenge of detachment (too much can render the individual cold), and detachment is of absolute necessity in order to see the whole picture and not get caught in the drama. Aquarius is the Eagle’s view, being able to see the whole landscape and zoom in on the specifics.

It is therefore it is said in traditional astrology that the Sun principle is in detriment when it moves through Aquarius. The personal importance is starting to get diminished and the capacity to step aside and see things from a deeper perspective is a potential that happens here.

2020 will show us this as Saturn moves into the sign of the Water Bearer and we will learn about the power in stepping aside to gain perspective.  

The challenge, as 2020 will also be witness to, is Mars, the warrior. The instinctual defense system and our fear. In esoteric astrology we say that Mars have yet to receive its initiations, and it is not considered a sacred planet. In practical terms this means that it still behaves in a separatistic manner. Me against the world: “You are either with me or against me.”

There is no capacity to hold an advanced understanding about the nature of paradoxes here (the Libra archetype). We experience fear; fear that we might be taken over, defeated, not heard, not get what we want, not be treated well, fear of hurt,  and then there is anger.  While other parts of us might be relatively enlightened and carry deep wisdom, a Martian impulse can ruin anyone’s day, and we fall from our own wisdom. Mars separates us from the world. The war is real here.

As you can understand and appreciate, Mars is helpful in the individuating stage as a soldier for freedom and a protector of boundaries. However if it is not connected to higher principles like Saturn, who organizes the show and keeps the lead, it can easily create drama that in no way is helpful for the individual. On the other hand, in our society today, we also banned Mars to the underworld, claiming anger to be less civil energy. And the raging fires of Mars are hard to contain. It is a force that needs regulation, but resist regulation. If it is not contained it cannot do it’s job as a warrior for light, peace and justice. If suppressed it can lead to inflammations of the system and tension in the organs and the mind, exhausting the system and leading to depression. It is therefore very necessary to find ways to work with Mars, whatever expression it takes in your life.

Sometimes we solve our differences by withdrawal, or we go to war. Either way, we yearn to resolve tension in the mind and in the emotions. We all long for peace and equilibrium.

Mars is currently in Scorpio, a sign of deep emotion. Scorpio is an area where our deepest desires and passions resides. Also our deepest hurts. It is a fixed sign that gazes inwards to learn about the workings of the underworld, the sub-conscious. What motivates our actions? How to we get what we want? Who are blocking us or preventing our growth or invades our personal boundaries?

If you are in the process of individuating you will need a healthy Martian to help set firm boundaries for the world. Instead of withdrawing you find ways to express your truth despite the fear. You find better ways of dealing with life than defensive actions like withdrawal or war.

But it is not easy. Humanity is deeply hurt and we carry this hurt as a shield. There is no real vision of what it means to be a free human being understandably enough, seeing as so many still are in the battlefield striving for survival.

The next fixed sign in the zodiac after Scorpio is Aquarius. This is the sign of the future. And the future requires us to be progressive enough to see the next level. As famously said by Einstein:

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”

Now the future is upon us. If anything 2019 has shown us the need to really move beyond not just our own limitations, but we need to create a world where we can co-operate again. However as a great number of us are individuating, there is a need to solve the underlying challenge of defensiveness and the need to find peace with the past.

If you are wanting to hear more about 2020, a year where new cycles are opened and Mars will go retrograde in its own sign, you can join us this coming Saturday where Kaypacha, the Dream Team and master wizard Rick Levine will meet up to share our perspectives. There is also a raffle to win a seat for the upcoming Astrology Rising event  and other great prizes.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

May all beings be happy and free!

Love, Sol


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