These are the Days of Change! 

These are the days of change!  I won’t go into all the astrology of it, but suffice it to know that we need our inner, private space clear to truly feel our Self, our calling; the inner voice.  Amidst the clamor, pressure, and demands of the outside world it can be challenging to carve out that space and time to truly tune in and feel our deepest needs.  Yet, this is exactly what we are being called to do!  If we don’t value ourselves, no one will, if we don’t empower ourselves, no one will, if we don’t recognize our truth, we may live an empty shell of a life.

This is what the new paradigm is about.  This is the resurrection of the feminine, nurturing, loving energy that is the only thing that will bring integrity, peace, prosperity, and nature into balance.  The feminine energies of the body and emotions anchor us as human beings into reality.  It is far too easy with all that surrounds us to lose sight of the preciousness of human, animal, and plant life that so desperately needs our loving attention.  Your astrological birth chart is a means of entering this sacred space within.  It is a blueprint of where you have been and why you are here.

I’m offering an event called “Move Your Stars,” which is designed to guide you gently back into your true self’s core.  Not in an intellectual, analytical, predictive way, but through the sound, movement, and flow of your inner rhythm, constantly unfolding.  We will gather together and create the sacred space necessary for each of us to experience and share our deepest truth as a human being.  Along with receiving a personal interpretation of your birth chart, you will be invited to chose the music of your past, present, and future soul intention and move your body, mind, and soul towards it’s destination.

I hope that you take this opportunity and join me in one of the most beautiful places on planet earth, the island of Ko Pha Ngan, surrounded by water, in a lush, tropical environment, to experience yourself as never before.  Come join us next month in Thailand, you deserve it!

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