Venus Star Point Leo – August 13th 2019- 21° Leo

Venus Star Point Leo – August 13th 2019- 21° Leo

by Julija Simas

We began the current cycle of Venus at the star point of 3° Scorpio,  last October 26th 2018. It was opposite Uranus! Do you remember?

Next we come to the peak of the current Venus cycle as a Star Point is made at 21° Leo on August 13th(USA), August 14th (AUS) 2019.

Venus Star points are of course the coming together of the Sun and Venus in their regular 9.5 mth conjunctions! Often called the Kiss or the Venus/Sun embrace and more generically, Cazimi. The conjunctions happen in only 5 points in our astrology charts, with each point coming alive every 4 years, as either a retrograde conjunction, or an outer conjunction as this Leo Star point will be this time, last time this point was made was back in August 2015, when Venus was retrograde here!

Bring back any memories? And check the time before , 8 years ago in August 2011, Venus was taking this same “underworld” journey, behind the Sun. In my experience these outer Star Points, can be as demanding and challenging as the retrograde points and are well worth taking note of!

Following Venus Star Points are a great way to keep an eye on Venusian concepts in your life! Loves, losses, creations and attractions and by doing this you will find her magic, weaving your personal creation story through your astrology chart!

The only thing you really need to do is  KEEP the major 5 points in your astro tool kit, and note the dates for when the Star Points will be activated. Look back in 4 year increments at all dates, keeping in mind the oscillation from  Retrograde Points and Direct points, as each time a Point is created, we get to experience the point from a different viewpoint, take a look from a different perspective, a different perspective of the same or similar Venusian experience. Venus Star Points move slowly backward in the zodiac, about 1-2° every full 8 year loop, and oscillate in these areas and degrees for up to 24 years!

The cycle of Venus, or synodic cycles in general are the best way to learn about planetary dynamics.  A cycle of 584 days, 1.6 years begins with Venus retrograde conjunct the Sun, after which Venus becomes a morning star, blossoms out to full brightness, and then begins her descent over 7 months and 7 gates to the underworld, disappearing from our view for about 80 days. On a mission I like to call it. Here she is moving at her fastest and catches the Sun again , moving closely with the Sun for a whole month, to eventually overtake and become the evening star.













When we look at this astrologically we note that Venus travels with the Sun for the longest time out of any of the planets,  in this part of her cycle within 5° orb with the Sun for well over a month, giving her a specialness that comes with her 5 points,  showing how embedded she is in our creation story and to watch and co-create with her is to connect with her magic continually unfolding in our lives. Not only that,  but Venus’s cycle is also closely tied to all of creation, through the Golden Mean, the divine ratio and the Fibonacci sequence, her 9.5 mth meetings with the Sun, her 1.6 years, 4 yr and  8 year return , synodic and zodiacal, her magic 5 pointed  Star and Pentacle.

The Fibonacci sequence and Golden ratio is reflected in the Venus cycle holding the 1.6 ratio.
1 Earth year 365 days, 1 Venus Cycle 584 = 1.6
5 synodic cycles in 8 years. 5/8  = 1.6
13 revolutions in 8 years 8/13 = 1.6

The Venus Star Points, and when they occur,  will be most significant for those with planets, points, or angles, close, or square to these degrees.  Since her retrograde in Scorpio last October, and now about to create her Leo Star Point, we are all on a creative mission somehow, a mission to boost confidence, to gain courage and encourage ourselves. We are in a very eager phase, a powerful phase, an ego centred one, where failure is not an option. It’s about the mission and a delivery of some sort,  a project,  a conquering or a dramatic adventure to find out and to launch oneself into!  It is in Leo, it is a journey  to work on what makes the heart sing,  where we will find more recognition and encouragement, where we will feel more fully alive, to be fully happy with purpose and self love.

Where is 21° Leo in your chart, what happened here 4, 8, 12 or 16 years ago?  You would be amazed how it is all connected!  Where do you need that confidence boost or to bring back that creative edge. There is so much to explore once you open the Venus Star into your life, as the journey continues to unfold. 

This current cycle ends in Gemini, giving all of us more reason to think like a bee and work toward getting our wings, for when we add the 3 main stages of this cycle, or the next 3 star points, from Scorpio via Leo to Gemini, we get a sense of lightening up somehow, claiming our wings so we can go further with our work and loves, sharing and distributing what we know and love and value the most, it seems like it’s all about getting better, more confident and getting out there somehow!


 The magic is in your hands

To use this cycle, by reflecting on the past, we activate each phase with purpose and growth and mostly by looking ahead. We know there is nothing like astrology to connect us to the past, present and future, and there is nothing like the Venus star and the Venus cycle, the grand pentagon and the magic pentacle to keep our astrology truly alive and activated.

See how at every keypoint she synthesises and brings together the essence of the 5 months before and the 5 months after each star point is made. Get into the rhythm, see the patterns and by all means create some new ones.

May the magic be revealed in your exploration!

In every chart I always see five extra points! *****




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