Virgo New Moon | Empowered Refinement

Virgo New Moon
Friday, August 30, 2019
3:37 am PDT / 6:37 am EDT
6 degrees Virgo

By Christina Caudill

The Moon crosses the threshold from a period of completion to the start of a new cycle of growth at the New Moon. Virgo’s focus is on improvement, purification, discernment and humble service. This new beginning in Mutable Earth is an auspicious time to make changes to refine our goals, re-organize our daily lives, clean up our health regimes and work smarter.

With Mercury the ruler of this New Moon newly in Virgo and in his rulership, we may find ourselves involved with issues that are intricate and require complex thinking and focused problem-solving. However, this Virgo New Moon also carries a revolutionary spark, as it’s not only a Supermoon being very close to the Earth, it shares tight aspects to Mars and Uranus, urging innovative actions and inviting breakthroughs which advance our practical goals.

On the intimately personal level, as the solar life force joins with the emotional body in the discerning sign of Virgo, we’re invited into deep reflection for the purpose of refining the self. This may take the form of self-analysis as we untangle and examine our own goals, habits and effectiveness. Are you just checking off endless to-do lists to ‘get things off your plate’ and prove your competence or are you doing work that is truly meaningful, necessary and satisfying to the soul? The Mars-Uranus configuration at this New Moon suggests empowerment ripe for activation to serve a meaningful purpose with excellence.

With 5 planets in Virgo at this New Moon, the archetype of Virgo is dominant. Symbolic of the harvest, the Virgin and purity, she is expressed in the impulse to purify, humble oneself, serve and heal. All of these planets have recently shifted from the gregarious fire sign of Leo, where pleasure, creative expression, and generosity were highlighted. Virgo season is a time to return to modesty and meaning while retaining the essence of the Leo heart’s desire. The shadow of Virgo may be seen through self-criticism leading to heightened anxiety, self-loathing or guilt. There may be a genuine need to atone for the past rather than continue to carry a burden of shame. Uranus may be the element to flip the script to transcend past narratives of pain.

The New Moon is tightly conjunct action-oriented Mars, whose assertiveness can either be helpful or problematic. Mars provides the fuel to take necessary action on our goals, and in Virgo, we’re more able do so with precision and attention to detail. However, Mars is also symbolic of conflict and anger which could be easily triggered, perhaps as a result of his directness, impatience or criticism. As Mars trines Uranus in Taurus, the instinctive impulse could come out of the blue, where we’re sideswiped by a surprise trigger – or, on the positive side, unexpected or innovative actions could be the solution to stuck issues. Perhaps there could be a breakthrough in partnership stalemates or a shift in dynamic that brings greater relationship authenticity as Venus and Juno – both symbolic of partnerships – are in the Full Moon mix as well.

At this New Moon, a wide Grand Earth Trine is aligning as planets in Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn emphasize the Earth element and the potential for creating radical yet sustainable change in the structures of our lives. The New Moon-Mars-Uranus configuration suggests the time is urgent to take action in ways that may be innovative, unconventional or transformative. Planting a tree could be one small yet significant act to create sustainable change that may impact the environment. The transit of Uranus in Taurus suggests that if humanity doesn’t awaken to it’s daily impact, Mother Nature will surely find more ways to shatter our complacency. 

As I write this, the Sun is trining rebellious Uranus in Taurus just as the teenage climate change activist Greta Thunberg has landed in New York City after 2 weeks sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, a surprise move that in many ways symbolizes the current cosmic alignments. As a modest steward (Virgo) of the Earth (Taurus), she took an unexpected (Uranus) and daring (Mars) method of traveling to NYC to advocate on the urgency (Mars) of the climate crisis on the collective (Uranus). May this act of modest defiance inspire others to do deviate from business as usual and take small yet significant acts that create needed change that benefits all.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at is “A Harem.”

In some cultures, harems were the private domestic spaces reserved for women only for the purpose of protecting their modesty. Today, we often think of them as a collective of women devoted to serving the companionship and sexual needs of one powerful man. Virgo has often been associated with the dual archetypes of Virgin/Whore as light/shadow aspects of the feminine. At this New Moon with Mars, Venus and Uranus so tightly aspected, perhaps this limited concept of servile femininity is due for an upgrade. Through social progress, we’re now witnessing women claiming the value of their wholeness – beyond their beauty and charm alone – and harnessing their intellect and talents to serve goals of their own choosing. This is also a time of historical fluidity in gender identification, shattering the paradigm of the ‘greater’ or ‘lesser’ sex. May this be a time when we liberate ourselves and others from the exploitation of limited gender roles and learn to live in communities of our own consent and enlivenment.

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