Waning Moon in Gemini | September 10-17, 2020

Here’s the lunar forecast for the week ahead. The Lunar Planner is one of many membership benefits for the New Paradigm Community. We’re making it public this month, as we are reshaping, enjoy!


Waning Moon in Gemini | September 10-17, 2020

What goes around, comes around! You reap what you sow! These are some of the sayings that directly apply to this fourth-quarter phase of the Sun/Moon cycle when the Moon wanes from a 270° Square (1/2 Moon) through the Balsamic Phase until she disappears in the bright rays of the Sun to be reborn anew for another lunar cycle. This cycle began with the new Moon in late Leo last month on the 18th.

While that Leo New Moon energy contained the seed of a new creative expression of ourselves in the world, the Sun quickly went into Virgo, bringing up the need to WORK at it. The old song, “Ya gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues…” reflects this feeling that effort is required to manifest our inner potential in this time/space material world.

Did you work at it? If so, this week will be one of harvesting some good results as projects come to fruition, and some plans materialize. Much of the energy this month has been around the grand trines happening in earth simultaneously with the Aries/fire squaring Capricorn/earth (fire scorching the earth sounds familiar to those in CA!). These aspects bring up the potential frustration/anger at “things” just not moving/changing fast enough to fit our fiery, dynamic desires = UGH!

However, if we have managed to engage our tortoise as much as our hare, and kept plodding along despite obstacles, this week can go well.

If not, we can have some problems with our health, work, co-workers, or other areas of our life, signaling that it is either time for a change or more attention/work to wrap it up. Neptune/Pisces’ mirror showing us our illusions like the last Full Moon in Pisces (September 1) will be “carried forward,” with the Sun opposite Neptune all week. Projects that are well underway may just need some fine-tuning/tweaking, while projects that were either ill-conceived or ill-managed will fizzle.

Either way, by the New Moon on the 17th, we’ll have a much clearer picture of where we’re headed and what/who is coming with us (or not). Let’s look at some of the other aspects that go along with this process and further break it down.

Thursday, September 10

The Gemini ¾ Moon squares Neptune along with the Sun creating a “T-square.” 

Simultaneously, Mercury opposes Chiron (exactly). This is an excellent day to meditate, chant, share, and heal. Take a step back and forgive (yourself first, don’t forget), release, and let the light of hope live and grow within. Take a moment to drop out and tune in.

Friday, September 11

Some of that same energy keeps going and even strengthens as the Moon moves into her watery sign of Cancer and the Sun exactly opposes Neptune. 

You may end up needing to let go of more than you bargained for, especially when it comes to the past, family, and memories. It’s OK to feel ALL those feelings. You won’t drown, they will pass, and it’s all part of the plan.

Saturday, September 12

As Mercury inconjuncts Uranus and Jupiter stations (stands still in the sky) to go direct, the Moon moves into opposition with Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn.

This day’s feeling could be one where you have been packing your suitcase, and it’s time to close it up. What you’ve got you’ve got, and what doesn’t fit you’re not taking with you!

Sunday, September 13

Venus in Leo trines Chiron as the Moon enters Leo to conjunct her (Venus) later on. 

Whew! It’s time to chill, relax, feel good, and find/enjoy some things and people that make you smile and warm your heart. “As one door closes, another one opens up!” Hopefully, you released your fear over the last few days to fully jump up and down for joy with new potential ideas and enterprises. Good thing you made space for them!

Monday, September 14

The train picks up speed as it leaves the station with the Sun exactly trining Pluto today while the Moon transits the powerful Lion.

The train is bigger than you, and while you might have helped get it started, it’s things/people beyond your control that can be working in your favor today. You can feel lucky, in the flow, and your past efforts can pay you dividends. Good job!

Tuesday, September 15

It’s a “Truth or Dare” day as Venus squares Uranus and anything can happen. Fortunately, the Moon makes a lovely trine to Mars before exiting Leo for Virgo. 

It’s a bit like a crapshoot where you may unexpectedly win or lose. The trick will be to not get overly excited or impatient and jump to premature bets. If you can maintain your center, you can harvest and use Uranus’s lightening energy to leap ahead without missing your mark and falling down the canyon (ouch!).

Wednesday, September 16

Things begin to slow as the earthy Virgo Moon makes a grand trine with Jupiter and Uranus. 

Again, slow and steady wins the race here. It’s a great day to keep your feet on the ground, get real, and begin seeing new ways to use the “harvest” of your past efforts toward new investments. Pay it forward, dream a new dream, and plan a new plan to prepare for the New Moon coming tomorrow.

Thursday, September 17

Along with the new Moon, the Sun is in a nice trine with Saturn, and Mercury quickly squares Jupiter. 

You are not alone, and you don’t live in a vacuum, lockdown, quarantine, or not.
It’s time to work through things with your partners/co-workers, and step into co-operation mode to achieve more extraordinary things than you could ever achieve alone. Stand up, fess up, and you’ll be glad you cleared the air (maybe later LOL).

Many blessings on your week, and may you stay in sync with the stars!
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