What the Planets Want

In this episode of the Radiant Astrology Podcast, Dream Team astrologer
Christina Caudill explores the empowering potential of astrology with my guest, evolutionary astrologer Laura Nalbandian host of the upcoming
NORWAC – The Northwest Astrological Conference.

Laura shares her insights how to engage with the planetary archetypes to amplify your personal development and actively participate in the unfoldment of your special destiny.

Laura discusses the practices of internal astrology – branches of astrology focused on the inner world, archetypes and psychology. She believes it’s essential to understand what the planets want from us, so that rather than be a victim of their influence, we can grow, evolve and transform in accordance with cosmic order.

About Laura Nalbandian
Laura is a second-generation astrologer, and the owner/coordinator of NORWAC, established in 1984 by her mother Maggie. Laura has a love of teaching and lectures at conferences around the world. Her focus is using the Pluto method of Evolutionary Astrology. Her Soul Wise Astrology course begins September 2019, visit her website for details.

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