1st Quarter Moon 28º Aquarius Nov 20, 2023

As the Sun and Mars enter a new synodic cycle in Scorpio, it also forms a square to the Moon in Aquarius, and the battle for liberation continues. The Sun conjuncts Ceres at the same time, and the doom, gloom, and tribal tensions that come with the Ceres territory are not to be mistaken. This archetype reveals where we are holding on to control and how obsessive thinking is born out of this need. This is the activation of the Solar Plexus, but the levelheaded Moon in Aquarius promises new perspectives to old problems.

1st Quarter Moon 28º Cap Oct 21, 2023

We are at the midway point on an ecliptic journey with a deep and serious undertone. The world politics playing out for the moment have us all sitting at the edge of our seats, feeling the incredibly fragile balance that our hopes for peace and love rest on. Because, and as usual, not all people seem to want peace and love.

1st Quarter Moon 29º Sag Sep 22, 2023

The first quarter Moon throws a little curveball to us after Cosmos has been juicing up on Neptune for a few days, and the veils between the dimensions have softened, making it difficult to decide whether someone said something or if it just happened inside our heads.

1st Quarter Moon 01º Sag Aug 24, 2023

This week leading up to the Supermoon in Pisces, we have a few powerful events unfolding that are sure to be observable in our lives. Because as we know, as above, so below, it’s never coincidence but always synchronicity!

1st Quarter Moon 02º Scorpio July 25, 2023

Another huge week astrologically speaking, filled to the brim with inconjuncts and forces pulling in all directions at once, urging us to be flexible. Evidently, it takes some time to pierce the layers of denial, but the imbalances of the world are out in the open.

1st Quarter Moon 04º Libra June 26

The surreal vibes are calming down a bit, and that feels mighty good for the whole nervous system. As the Sun is now in gentle and sweet Cancer, the time to digest all that has happened in the last very hectic month is here. No more running left and right 24/7. No more catching a little breath in between the in-betweens.

1st Quarter Moon 6º Virgo May 27, 2023

Once every twelve years, Jupiter, the planet representing a perpetual outpouring of abundance and blessings, comes around to the North Node of the Moon, which symbolizes the highest path of potential ceaselessly guiding us forward. That time is now! Jupiter and the North Node of the Moon are together at three degrees of Taurus.

1st Quarter Moon 7º Leo Apr 27, 2023

In the aftermath of last week’s powerful eclipse, which laid the grounds for a lunar cycle that will stir deep core issues, the ground under your feet might feel wobbly and the future uncertain. The Sabian symbol, «A Bolshevik Propagandist» for the first Quarter Moon is fitting for what is now needed. It inspires an image of an uprise as a response to change instead of being defeated.

1st Quarter Moon 8º Cancer Mar 28, 2023

We’ve entered the cycle of a new season. Aries springs us into life with an initiatory force that is eager for new beginnings and fresh starts. Opportunities are sprouting up and coming our way! Aries is the zodiac’s first sign marking the true beginning of the astrological year.

1st Quarter Moon 8º Gemini Feb 27, 2023

The first quarter Moon at 08°27 Gemini ticks off a mutable energy that combines well with the trio in Aries: Venus/Jupiter and Chiron. This energy is all about survival and preparation. If our instinctual urge to be alert is balanced with the capacity to filter out illusion from the truth, we get a sense of personal empowerment with this waxing phase.


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