Full Moon 04º Gemini Nov 27, 2023

As the Sun moves through the first decan of Sagittarius, it is now being lit up by the Full Moon in Gemini. The mutable signs relate to interaction and communication, understanding and truth, and under the current stars, getting reliable information can set things straight, correct madness that comes from not knowing, and widen our perspective to include the opposite view without losing our own voice.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 05º Taurus Oct 28, 2023

It is that time of the month again. The Full Moon is upon us, and the previous solar eclipse culminates in a lunar eclipse. Whatever happened the last two weeks is bound to come to a boil, and as the world has been silently praying for peace, it is still left to see what will happen as the wheel of time keeps churning on.

Full Moon 06º Aries Sep 29, 2023

It is difficult not to get excited over this particular Full Moon. It is so dynamic and feisty, full of potential and originality. Sudden shifts could happen, and most likely, it will be something we did not see coming.

Full Moon 07º Pisces Aug 30, 2023

Pisces beckons us into the Cosmic Void, where synchronicity and magic merge to birth new life into form. It requires faith. From out of spirit, we are made, and we manifest. We can choose to overlook the obvious, even deny and ignore the signs, but what is still remains.

Full Moon 09º Aquarius August 1, 2023

As a very intense and potentially quite educational and interesting lunar cycle culminates in a Full Moon in futuristic and self-aware Aquarius, the interaction between consciousness and reality can blossom into a realization that has the power not only to liberate us but also open up the doors of perception so that we get a kind of macro perspective on what the frack is going on.

Full Moon 11º Cap July 3, 2023

This is the culmination of the New Moon square Neptune, and now it is time to listen, learn, act, and create. How do we navigate difficult waves? The world is not just increasingly complicated. It is also on our doorsteps, not one of us being released from the world’s karma or the intense pressure of being alive.

Full Moon 13º Sag June 3, 2023

Let there be light! From out of the chaos and how full-on life has been, let there be light. From how far we are being pushed out of our comfort zones and into radical change, let there be light. From out of how much life demands expansion and release, let there be light.

Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse 14º Scorpio May 5, 2023

We are yet again at a decisive crossroads between what was, what is, and what is to become. As the journey of life pushes us towards new horizons, the status quo is being challenged. There is a feeling that something has to happen, no matter how many reservations we might feel.

Full Moon 16º Libra Apr 6, 2023

We are currently in the lunar cycle that precedes the upcoming Eclipse Season. We have arrived! The mythical potency of eclipses has already begun to ripen. In just two weeks from now, we will have, with the next New Moon, a Total Solar Eclipse, at 29 Aries. Here we enter what is known as the eclipse portal. A vortex of time and space that promises that we will come out very different than how we went in.

Full Moon 16º Virgo Mar 7, 2023

Certain Full Moons feel particularly juicy, and this one definitely falls in this category. As it culminates on the Pisces-Virgo axis at 16°40, it also waxes to a square to our favorite rebel Mars, still annoyingly out of bounds and ready to rumble. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon degree is fittingly «A volcano in eruption,» pointing to the rather ominous prospect of that famous cup that finally is runneth over.


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