1st Quarter Moon 25º Leo May 15-22, 2024 – Member’s Report

This particular lunar phase is on fire! Mars will cross the North Node in Aries, and the word we are looking for is “caution.” There is no need to go overboard, but that is not gonna be easy as the Taurus Sun conjunct ever-so-convinced Jupiter squares the equally stubborn and fixed Moon in Leo, all sprinkled with a Martian drizzle of «I break for no one!» So this week requires a solid dose of self-discipline and awareness about the energies that circulate in the collective auric field of humanity.

1st Quarter Moon 27º Taurus Feb 16-24, 2024 – Member’s Report

Whereas the New Moon might have popped some of our illusions and left us vulnerable, this first quarter Phase is looking up, and even if we might not know entirely where we are going, the pruning process that has eliminated quite a few options and illusions now settles, and the path ahead is faced in a more mature, self-aware and conscious manner.

1st Quarter Moon 27º Aries Jan 17-24, 2024 – Member’s Report

This is a pivotal week indeed! The Moon is waxing, brewing, boiling, expanding, exploring, and expressing itself strongly while both the Sun and Pluto join hands and slide together into Aquarius. Not any old regular week, that’s for sure. When Pluto takes dominion, it is time to buckle up, strengthen our resolve, and make sure that we don’t let the fear in, allowing it to take precedence.

1st Quarter Moon 27º Pisces Dec 19-25, 2023 – Member’s Report

Maintaining balance means creating balance, which isn’t the easiest art to master. For a couple of months now, the waxing lunar phase has been associated with the North Node in Aries and the waning phase with the South Node in Libra, and all kinds of boundary issues have come up for us to look at. We are building new boundaries to protect our needs, but it comes out raw and defensively because it is a new experience.

1st Quarter Moon 28º Aquarius Nov 20-26, 2023 – Member’s Report

As the Sun and Mars enter a new synodic cycle in Scorpio, it also forms a square to the Moon in Aquarius, and the battle for liberation continues. The Sun conjuncts Ceres at the same time, and the doom, gloom, and tribal tensions that come with the Ceres territory are not to be mistaken. This archetype reveals where we are holding on to control and how obsessive thinking is born out of this need. This is the activation of the Solar Plexus, but the levelheaded Moon in Aquarius promises new perspectives to old problems.

1st Quarter Moon 28º Cap Oct 21-27, 2023 – Member’s Report

We are at the midway point on an ecliptic journey with a deep and serious undertone. The world politics playing out for the moment have us all sitting at the edge of our seats, feeling the incredibly fragile balance that our hopes for peace and love rest on. Because, and as usual, not all people seem to want peace and love.


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