1st Quarter Moon 7º Leo Apr 27 – May 4, 2023 – Member’s Report

In the aftermath of last week’s powerful eclipse, which laid the grounds for a lunar cycle that will stir deep core issues, the ground under your feet might feel wobbly and the future uncertain. The Sabian symbol, «A Bolshevik Propagandist» for the first Quarter Moon is fitting for what is now needed. It inspires an image of an uprise as a response to change instead of being defeated.

1st Quarter Moon 8º Gemini Feb 27 – Mar 6, 2023 – Member’s Report

The first quarter Moon at 08°27 Gemini ticks off a mutable energy that combines well with the trio in Aries: Venus/Jupiter and Chiron. This energy is all about survival and preparation. If our instinctual urge to be alert is balanced with the capacity to filter out illusion from the truth, we get a sense of personal empowerment with this waxing phase.

1st Quarter Moon 8º Taurus Jan 28 – Feb 4, 2023 – Member’s Report

We hit a crossroads at the first quarter moon, the mid-point between the New Moon and the upcoming Full Moon. It’s a pause (for a day or two) in the creative momentum that the waxing (growing) moon cycle presents. It’s a time to reflect, choose, and possibly reconsider which direction to continue focusing your precious energy towards. You are at the center. Will you choose left or right?

1st Quarter Moon 8º Pisces Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2022 – Member’s Report

The first quarter Moon at 8°22 Pisces adds a solid dash of mutability to the already mutable astrological weather. Shifting tides and changing perspectives seem to be the norm, and whatever we intend to do, life might have different plans for us. The keyword is to stay flexible and awake and not hold too tightly to our preferred ideas and convictions.

1st Quarter Moon 11º Sagittarius Sep 3-9, 2022 – Member’s Report

This week’s forecast is moving us through the first quarter moon phase of the Virgo cycle. Quarter Moons often raise the need to pivot course in some way. This week may bring out necessary confrontations or reflections upon your actions and which direction you are heading in your life. It’s time to address what you are doing and make some corrections.

1st Quarter Moon 13º Scorpio August 5-11, 2022 – Member’s Report

This week’s first quarter moon in Scorpio opposite the Uranus, Mars conjunction promises intensity, laced with personal confrontations that only epic level changes can procure! This week is highlighting that already present aspect which is life-changing and highly activating towards breaking deep patterns and altering the very fabric of how our lives have been operating.


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