New Moon 16º Gemini June 6-12, 2024 – Member’s Report

If there ever was a mutable new moon, this has to be it! No less than five planets roam Gemini for the time being, and if that wasn’t enough, as the first lunar phase unfolds, they will all square Saturn and later start talking to Neptune, both in mutable water Pisces. Underneath that layer of mutable energy is a powerful Mars-Pluto square brewing, and it will be exact when Mars slides into Taurus on the 9th.

New Moon 18º Taurus May 7-14, 2024 – Member’s Report

This New Moon is exciting as it sits not long from Uranus and finalizes a year of New Moons all under the influence of this eccentric, radical master of sudden shifts. Running into Uranus is like running into an electrical wire that jolts us awake, taking us out of a slumber and making us conscious of what was entirely unconscious. Uranus is the classical wake-up call that life coughs up, and little by little, the wall of denial is torn down.

New Moon/Solar Eclipse 19º Aries Apr 8-14, 2024 – Member’s Report

This eclipse is epic. It will begin in the South Pacific and cast a shadow from Mexico to Canada. People will flock from all over the world to see it. Earth will have no sun for four minutes, at least along the path of the Moon. The stars will come through in clear daylight, and the truth of where we are in space will be visible. We are circling ’round and ’round, moving constantly, held inside the heliosphere, the womb of the Sun. And the Moon comes and cuts off that protective light for a short amount of time, rebooting our understanding of all and everything. Many astrologers would say it is a portal, but this begs the question: A portal into what?

New Moon 20º Pisces Mar 10-16, 2024 – Member’s Report

All the planets are now bundled up between Ceres in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus, and there is nothing on the other hemisphere except the South Node, so we are being pulled, little by little, towards the North Node consciousness and towards the future. It might feel like completely foreign waters and being out of the comfort zone. However, as the Sun-Moon, Saturn, and, a little later, Venus, all hang out in Pisces, it could feel like life is a waiting game.

New Moon 20º Aquarius Feb 9-15, 2024 – Member’s Report

Uranus has been strongly influencing the New Moons since last summer, and this one is no exception. Quite the contrary, it reveals that this a pivotal turning point of the Uranian New Moon Journey because the Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of Uranus, Uranus squares the New Moon; a particularly feisty aspect, plus Uranus has finally gone direct as of January 26.

New Moon 20º Cap Jan 11-16, 2024 – Member’s Report

There is a New Moon on the horizon, and this one exactly squares the lunar nodes, which makes it a pretty significant lunation! As it sows the seed for the coming lunar cycle, we can assume that this particular lunar phase is of great importance, touching upon essential evolutionary themes.

New Moon 20º Sag Dec 12-18, 2023 – Member’s Report

The Mutable New Moon in the sign of Fire over all Fire, Sagittarius, is being dampened by stationary Mercury in Capricorn, due to go retrograde just eight hours after the New Moon is formed. The seeker will be equally stunned by the magic of the mystery of life, as dismayed over the many imperfections of life. The New Moon forms a square to Neptune in Pisces.

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