Waning Moon 12º Capricorn Apr 1-7, 2024 – Member’s Report

In the eclipse space, things feel a tad different. There is a certain hype around the eclipses, but there is no smoke without fire, and quite frankly, this nodal axis journey is on fire. The North Node is, after all, in Aries, the feisty, fiery warrior of the Zodiac, so even if we long for the comfort of the South Node in Libra and «all is good, isn’t it?» and we sort of get peace by sacrificing our authentic voice, Aries will not rest until justice prevails, truth is spoken, and balance is achieved in an honest and just way.

Waning Moon 13º Sagittarius Mar 3-9, 2024 – Member’s Report

The mutable last square of the Moon is resting under the warm embrace of Chiron, which is directly on the North Node and will stay there until the 15th of March. A last quarter lunar square is always about letting go, and this time around, the whole process of release moves deeper than usual, not only thanks to Chiron but also to Venus and Mars, the rulers of the nodal axis, both in a last quarter phase to Uranus, the planet of individuation and liberation.

Waning Moon 13º Scorpio Feb 2-8, 2024 – Member’s Report

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the New Moon in Capricorn that squared the lunar nodes and include in this perspective the transition of the Sun to Pluto that came after, culminating in a very powerful Full Moon conjunct Pluto and square Jupiter. Then, it becomes clear that the last quarter phase of the Moon in Scorpio will speed up a process of release and liberation that has been brewing for a while.

Waning Moon 13º Libra Jan 3-10, 2024 – Member’s Report

This cardinal last square lunar phase invites us to examine what is required in our own lives to find a more functional balance. As the Libra Moon squares the very ambitious Capricorn Sun, it is well worth mentioning that the Sun squares our centaur teacher, Chiron, and this reminds us to keep in mind that we can do a lot, but we can’t do it all.

Waning Moon 12º Virgo Dec 4-12, 2023 – Member’s Report

There is a feeling of change in the air. And it is most welcome! As the Earth's mood shifts from gloom and doom to hope and new vision, it can feel like a breath of fresh air. Albeit we aren’t out of the woods when it comes to Pluto and the eternal churning of ancestral karma over in Capricorn, there is still a feeling of some lightness and a gasp of relief as Mars and the Sun create a bit of distance between themselves.

Waning Moon 12º Leo Nov 5-12, 2023 – Member’s Report

As earth keeps spinning on its axis, the cosmic clock turns to another phase of the monthly cycle. It has happened before, and it will happen again and again and again. It might seem like a drop in the vast ocean of endlessness. However, it still matters. We are here, and all our navels are somehow at the center of everything that happens. At least in our lives. And that matters.

Waning Moon 14º Gemini Sep 6-12, 2023 – Member’s Report

The week before the end of a Lunar Cycle leads us to a completion–within ourselves. As the cycle is in its waning phase, it’s about slowing down and integrating all that has transpired over this past month. All that has manifested from out of your own psyche into your experiential awareness.

Waning Moon 15º Taurus August 8-15, 2023 – Member’s Report

It is a tough realization to finally understand who we are and not have the opportunity to walk that path. Yet. After some powerful astrological configurations of late, we might have come to a deeper understanding of our core essences. Yet, at the same time, the mundane world is filled with requirements, and they seem to be ever present and demanding, taking up a lot of space.


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