As Above, So Below | Ibiza, July 2022

It is not true that men are from Mars and women are from Venus. We all have Venus and Mars, masculine and feminine, in our own unique mix. Astrology tells us there are twelve basic archetypal expressions of the ten planetary energies seen from the zodiac. So, using just Venus and Mars, we have 12x12 = 144 different masculine/feminine energetic expressions, without counting Sun and Moon!

Strengthening The Warrior Within | Peru, Feb 2022

Humanity is currently experiencing a "healing crisis" concerning our will force, right to exist, power of self-assertion, liberty, and openness to having our desires met. As part of our emerging out of the last 2.000-year age of Piscean faith, hope, and following, we are now finding our legs to stand up, stand tall, and speak our truth.

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