The Astrology of Relationship – Corfu Greece, Jul 24-30, 2022

There is nothing more powerful than love. Love can raise us to the highest heights, fill our hearts with joy, and expand our horizons more than any other force in the universe.
In particular, the love that we give and receive in an intimate personal relationship can help heal our wounds on every level and give us keys to self-understanding we can find nowhere else. This is due to the nature of the unconscious that automatically projects our unintegrated shadow self onto our most intimate others.

Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose – Denmark, Aug 19-24, 2022

From an astrological perspective, each of us has chosen to be born at this time of great change for a specific purpose. Fulfilling this purpose requires digging deep down within ourselves to discover our essence and base our choices on our core values and beliefs rather than external validation, prompting, or "success."


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