Using Astrology & Yoga to Nourish the Soul
with Kaypacha


August 26-28, 2022
Arkel, Netherlands

There is no doubt that the speed, intensity, and unpredictable nature of change has increased exponentially over the past few years and will continue to increase in the future.
 The advancement of technology has led to artificial intelligence capable of gathering, processing, and analyzing information at such speeds that it boggles the mind.

This, in turn, is having an astronomical impact on all areas of our lives, from political, social, and financial to personal health, relationships, professions, and daily routines. It has and continues to lead many into states of feeling overwhelmed, disillusioned, uncertain, confused, isolated, and frightened.  

During such times it is of primary importance to ground ourselves in the core of our being to contact the root sources of power in order to remain vital, healthy, strong, and purposeful.

Astrology and yogic practices are the most ancient, powerful tools available to humanity to do just that.

This weekend will allow you to understand your unconscious soul’s nature and its past and future intentions through the analysis of your natal horoscope. 

In addition, we will practice kundalini yoga, pranayama, and meditation to open, deepen, and strengthen our soul nature. As a result, you will emerge from this workshop with a clearer understanding of why you are here and spiritual practices to help get you there.

This workshop will have a maximum of 20 participants to allow Kaypacha enough time to focus on everyone in the circle.

However, we are offering a Single-day Pass for Friday’s talks due to the high demand for this event. You may attend the entire weekend workshop (including Friday) or join us only for the Friday event!

Certainly, the more astrology you know, the more you will get out of this astrological event! Kaypacha’s workshops are always filled with folks who are brand new to astrology and others who are well seasoned. Therefore, your registration includes, especially for those new to astrology, Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101,” a 16-hour video series where he explains the meaning of the astrological signs, planets, houses, and aspects. If you are not astrologically knowledgeable, we ask that you listen to these videos before the event so we can all go deeper together (value €110).

The Venue

5D Centrum / facebook page
Arkel, Netherlands 

Full Workshop
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Friday Day Pass: € 190

(€ 200 if you buy at the door)
Only 30 single-day passes available!

To Book Please Contact Viola Blessing
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The price does not include accommodation.
We will offer recommendations on places to stay.
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Day 1 – Friday, August 26

(Day passes available: 190 EUR)

10 am – 1 pm: “What the #$%& is Goin’ On? An Astrological Overview of What’s Happening”
In this talk, Kaypacha explains in detail the current and future energetic patterns illuminated by the astrology of our times. The planetary configurations reflect (as in are synchronistic) the dynamics that we are dealing with in both the collective unconscious level and our personal lives. If you are familiar with Kaypacha’s weekly astrological forecast on YouTube titled “The Pele Report,” you might consider this a three-hour extended version of that normally thirty-minute weekly report. 

Here, Kaypacha will include more information regarding the nature of the signs and planets for those who are not as familiar with astrological symbolism.  

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-6 pm
With our natal charts in hand, the afternoon will be devoted to Kaypacha going through each of the outer planets (Jupiter – Pluto) and interpreting when, for how long, and what it means to have any (or all of them!) aspecting your natal planets. You will understand what has been going on for you these last couple of years and discover what’s coming next. 

Upon registration, you will receive a tutorial video on “How to Cast Your Natal Chart with Transits” to show you how to calculate your chart to bring to the lecture. Along with a free copy of Kaypacha’s “Astrology 101” 16-hours webinar series to get you started on all the basics ahead of time!

Day 2 – Saturday, August 27

(Full weekend workshop limited to only 20 people)

9:30 am: Coffee, tea & fruit

10 am – 1 pm
After an opening circle and introductions, Kaypacha will review the 12 signs of the zodiac using description, mythology, movement, and music. A basic understanding of astrology is helpful to get more out of this course. (“Astrology 101” series is included with your registration.)

1-2 pm: Lunch

2-6 pm
After lunch, Kaypacha will review the meanings of the planets and houses and proceed to give you an understanding of your natal birth chart. He will discuss the New Paradigm Method of Chart Interpretation which uses Pluto, the south node of the Moon, and the Moon herself to describe the soul’s past life history. And the Pluto Polarity Point (PPP), the north node of the Moon, and Ascendant to understand the current life intentions.

Day 3: Sunday, August 28

9:30 am: Coffee, tea & fruit

10 am – 6 pm (with an hour lunch break at 1 pm)
Kaypacha will go around the circle one by one offering short “mini-readings” designed as educational examples that will help you further understand your core life purpose and answer any questions you have living within you at the time. Sharing our charts in the circle will help us understand astrological chart interpretations and each other, illuminating the common challenges and methods of working with our shared human condition. Profound revelation and transformation result from openly sharing and receiving within the group container.

Throughout the day, we will share yoga, breathwork, and meditations designed to heighten our awareness and build our magnetic fields.

Full Workshop includes:

  • 3-day Astrology workshop led by Kaypacha (Friday-Sunday)
  • Astrology 101, Kaypacha’s 16-hour video course explaining the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (value $120) to be viewed before the workshop.
  • Your Natal Chart with transits prepared by Kaypacha’s team
  • Kundalini yoga, breathwork, and meditation with Kaypacha
  • Coffee, tea, water, fruit, and snacks during lectures
  • Our help and logistics before and during the retreat
  • & So Much FUN!!

Friday Day Pass includes:

  • 1-day Astrology workshop led by Kaypacha
  • Astrology 101, Kaypacha’s 16-hour video course explaining the meaning of the signs, planets, houses, and aspects (value $120) to be viewed before the workshop.
  • Tutorial video on “How To Cast Your Natal Chart with Transits”
  • Coffee, tea, water, fruit, and snacks during lectures
  • & So Much FUN!!

We ask that anyone planning to attend the workshop, or the country itself, be mindful and consider changing their travel dates if they show ANY signs of the COVID-19 related symptoms and/or if they suspect having come in contact with someone who has/will test positive for the virus. Given that the NPA team is so small, we can protect each other by being mindful. This will be a maskless event.


Please refer to The Netherlands Arrival Protocol HERE.

IMPORTANT: Please note that everything is subject to change due to the constantly changing laws and regulations regarding Covid and travel. We suggest you purchase refundable/changeable travel tickets and acquire travel insurance.

Your reservation downpayment is non-refundable. This downpayment will secure your spot and give you access to the Course Flow and Kaypacha’s Astrology 101 Webinar Series.

Cancelation Policy: If you are not able to make it, you may cancel before August 18th by writing an email to:

No refunds after August 18th. If you can’t make it, you will be charged the remaining amount for the 1-day or 3-day event by invoice.