Creating Conscious Relationship:
The Astrology of Sexuality
Ubud, Bali December 10-16, 2015


SP tree logo blankAs we shift into a new paradigm of re-integrating the masculine/feminine aspects of our psyche with our physical/emotional bodies, many of us are going through identity changes that deeply affect our relationship needs. Your astrological birthchart is of invaluable aid in illuminating your unique expression of the masculine/feminine according to your individual soul purpose this lifetime.

In this workshop, Kaypacha will use astrology, yoga, and breathwork to create a powerful container for personal, alchemical transformation to occur. We will then explore the 12 zodiacal mystery schools and the house, sign, and aspects of your Venus (goddess) and Mars (god). These placements highlight both the great gifts you have to offer relationship and the challenges you face in creating them.

Kaypacha/New Paradigm Astrology uses relationships as mirrors of our own unconscious needs. In this workshop, you will come to see firsthand that what you don’t own or see within yourself gets projected out negatively into your partnerships. Knowing your birthchart, which is a virtual blueprint of your unconscious, will help you integrate your masculine and feminine energies and cease those projections. In addition, we will use both the Evolutionary Stages and Venus/Mars polarity points to show you your own personal path of evolution.  We invite you to join us for this journey into soul exploration, fun, and relationship.

20150318_201154_LLSLive music will be provided by SkyLove during and after Kundalini yoga sessions as well as a concert Monday night:  A Journey Through the Chakras. Please visit his website for further information -

Throughout the discourses SkyLove will be creating a relaxing atmosphere with sound meditations and soothing sound interludes to take participants into non-verbal, no mind space to facilitate deep rest and a quick recharge that will help with better assimilation of information and the energy. He's also available for private sound healing and sound activation sessions, hands on body work and therapeutic partner yoga sessions.

6N/7D Kaypacha Itinerary :

10th Dec Thurs - check in 2pm
5pm Welcoming circle
6pm Silent herbal steam sauna
7:30 Welcoming dinner
8.30pm Introductory Circle
**All saunas open to Ubud community

11th Dec Fri – (NEW MOON!)
7-8am Morning kundalini yoga with Kaypacha
8am Breakfast

9am Water blessing ceremony with High Priestess Mahareshi Ida Resi Alit

**Mahareshi Ida Resi Alit is the youngest and only Female High Priestess in Bali, who is fulfilling her destiny of spiritual healing and cleansing. Click HERE to find out more on her facebook page.

5-7pm Intro talk “The Astrology of NOW and 2016”

This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly. 

12th Dec Sat - full day 1 workshop

Activities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. Specifically, Kaypacha will take Venus and Mars through the 12 signs and houses so you can personally understand your own expression of the god/goddess – masculine/feminine.

Herbal steam sauna evening
7.30pm Dinner

13th Dec Sun – full day 2 workshop

This day will be spent looking at other planetary aspects to your Venus and Mars and their expression through the evolutionary stages. We will then put all the pieces together so you have the tools to understand yourself and your relationships in greater depth using your new understanding.

Herbal steam sauna evening
7.30pm Dinner

14th Dec Mon -
7-8am Morning kundalini yoga with Kaypacha
8am Breakfast

Visit to 'secret' Waterfall

9-11am Synastry Charts: Are we "Compatible?"  Part One

This session, the highlight of the weekend's work will put everything that has been learned into practice.  Participants will bring in the charts of their former, present, or potential partner(s) to see what dynamics, attractions, challenges, and dharma of the relationship are.  The focus will be not only on Venus/Mars but the 7th/8th houses of partnership, sex, and intimacy.

7pm Concert with SkyLove: A Journey Through the Chakras

Join SkyLove for a fun afternoon supercharging your body and balancing your energy with breath, meditation and sound while surrounded by beautiful, consciousness activating art. Go on a journey where you will experience:
Chakra Breathing - learn a powerful, instant technique to clear blockages and open your chakras.
Chakra Meditation - guided, interactive process focusing on each chakra’s properties, it’s mantra and affirmation.
Chakra Art - surround yourself with beautiful and stimulating art to help with the activation and clearing process.
Sound Journey - an entrancing sound healing experience to take you deep into your heart, relax and rest your body, and bathe you with the sound of crystal bowls, gong, didgeridoo and mantras. The sound acts a powerful medium that can support clearing blockages and stagnant energy and balance your system and your chakras for greater health and vitality. You will hear and feel the difference with crystal bowls specially tuned to the Cosmic 432Hz!


2am hike to Batur - join us for a breathtaking hike to Mt. Batur. View this amazing active volcano at sunrise for an experience you'll never forget! Return ~10am to Beach
check THIS LINK for some amazing photos and more info on the hike

15th Dec Tue
White sand Beach day
Group Circle, Shamanic Journey,Breath-work/meditation
7:30 to 9:30pm Synastry Charts: Are we "Compatible?" Part Two

see Part One description above

16th Dec Wed
7:30am Morning kundalini yoga with Kaypacha
Check out after breakfast

BaturRATES :

Home photo 1

7D/6N shared accommodation and full board $1,250 - 3 meals, daily yoga and activities, all herbal steams, all outings transport and entrance tickets included (except donation at High Priestess and additional fee for Volcano hike).

Early bird price: $1,080 by June 15
$1,150 by August 1



Kaypacha has more than 35 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art. In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching. He is the author of "The Pele Report", a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.



SkyLove is an artist, sound healer and a yogi. Based on Maui, Hawaii, he has been traveling and leading Sound Journeys, sound meditations, private Sound Healing sessions and sharing his art across the Hawaiian Islands and elsewhere. In his work with SkyLove uses crystal bowls, didgeridoos, Tibetan bowls and gongs to create one of a kind sound healing experience. He is a dancer and he loves to share hands on body work and gravity defying, therapeutic partner yoga sessions. He is also a talented graphic artist, creating consciousness activating spiritual imagery. Please visit for more info.

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    • Taxy are everywhere at airport but it is better if you could rent a taxy from Ubud as they offer cheaper price and know where the dragon village is located. Finally once in Ubud (approximately 1 hour from airport) you will need a motorbike ride to get to the village as there are no road but just narrow path. if you are light on luggage you can walk the path or you can call the village to arrange for a bike to come and get your luggage. Your taxy driver can call the village for you or arrange prior to your arrival. Here is an e-mail of a reliable taxy driver: his name is Wayan. Hope this can be of help.

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    Creating Conscious Relationship:
    The Astrology of Sexuality
    Ubud, Bali December 10-16, 2015

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