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I will leave the comfort and safety of home,
And venture out into the world,
Going full speed into the unknown,
With my sails completely unfurled!


Well, Ha ha Ho ho and Hee hee, probably the biggest thing about this week (that I didn't even say in the report!) is that the overwhelm of  TOO MUCH TOO FAST is probably gonna continue.  Have you been feeling it?  Wow!  All this expansion on so many realms in so many ways can leave us some flabbergasted at the end of the day while still not getting everything done!  Whew!


If you don't know your boundaries you may find them by your body and mind JUST BURNING OUT!  It can be fun, but fun can wipe you out too.  However, I think the cosmos has it all under control and knows that we all need a big exhale (Sagittarius) after inhaling for so long (Scorpio)!  So don't keep holding your breath - let it out and let it go!  There's always more coming...


PS:  Dream Team astrologer Christina Caudill will be hosting an online eclipse circle for the January 2019 eclipses. The New Year will begin with some powerful aspects - the Sun conjunct Saturn in Capricorn wants us to rise to our authority and make our presence known. Mars in Aries will give us the impulse to go for it! It will be all systems go to make it Your Year of Inspired Momentum!
Christina’s offering a free webinar preview on December 18 where you can learn all about becoming an Enlightened Warrior with the support of a circle of wise women. You’ll learn how to harness the energy of momentum and access the power of your presence. Get all the details and sign up at


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6 thoughts on “December 12, 2018 – Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you Kaypacha for the wise advice to take advantage of the favorous aspects of Sagittarius! I have been feeling it! One question though, why is the moon exalted in Taurus? Isn’t it exalted in Cancer? Lovin you, and always look forward to each weeks report!

  2. Kaypacha, your Pele report was great as always – BUT – I really loved your guest of honor. That precious little sloth at the beginning and end completely captured my heart.
    Of course it looked like she was reaching up for a hug, but I don’t know what that motion actually means in the sloth world.
    Thank you so much for sharing her presence with us. And if you have any thoughts about your interaction with her/him and what that all meant, I’d love to hear more.

  3. Kaypatcha,
    Not to sound too literal, but do you have a bias against Cancerians?
    I’m Cancer/Aries rising.
    And I *feel* like the sloth is my spirit animal saying: I like adventure but slow it down and just be still with me.

  4. I feel the urge to thank you for this and tell you who I am.. for you spoke to me directly for many of your words.
    My name is Pele, given to me since birth, after the volcano Goddess of Hawaii. My birthday is Dec. 10th 1994, Sag all day. Cancer rising, Pisces moon.
    The 23rd year of my life I had never left my country, the U.S., but always wanted to. As an outdoor educator and lover of diversity I decided to go for it. Now I am half way through my 7 month long journey around the world. Meetings crafters and educators like me, I am a blacksmith and weaver as well. I spent my birthday in Amsterdam, and had a very unpleasant beginning to it all by not following my instincts. A rare thing for me. This taught me this year would be that of self trust. I will not jeopardize my body and spirit again.
    My creative juices are flowing, I am working hard to build my company that will bring students outside of their bubble to learn.
    I spent a month studying weaving and indigenous semiology in Peru as well, so I appreciate your name.
    Take care, and thank you.

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