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Like it or not I live in a world,
With laws, rules and regulations.
The more I see, study and learn,
The less trauma I'll have when I meet them.

Yes indeed! New Moon conjunct the Galactic Center in Sag this Sunday! Whew! Get ready for those downloads! And let them ALL the way in, to permeate your consciousness and assist in the mutation/evolution/transformation of your psyche/soul! Don't forget, Sag is a mutable sign which I associate with Shiva/Kali energy.

The energy will continue to build toward the Solstice and let's remember that this cycle will finish around the middle of January when Mercury comes back for his 3rd conjunction with Saturn. In the meantime, think deep, talk true, listen within, and expand! Injoy!

So Much Love,


7 thoughts on “December 13, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing all that you do! Adding to your wonderful report… With the Galactic downloads, it’s best to stay “open”, being like water flowing with all you encounter (instead of being closed with rigid belief(s))… In staying open, information needed will flow through, showing up as inspiration (the aha moments, providing alternatives)… So that within the process of encounters (no matter what kind they are!), they will flow, providing necessary adjustments within, which will allow for collaborative processes without, evolving and helping everyone involved (or win/ win)! Playing the duality game, creates resistance and an ego soap opera drama called, “As The Gerbil Wheel Turns” going around and around, getting no where with too much work and no results!… Opening to possibility without limitation inspires everyone! Be Blessed and open to Pure Full on Being… Namaste…

  2. Looks like you might’ve uploaded last weeks link to the mp3 download! Anyways, just thought I’d let you know & thank u from the bottom of my heart for these readings. They really help me along this journey of life!

  3. What a perfect setting for your report! This Earth never ceases to help show us the Way. And with help from people who care to live in the natural laws of life, people like you Kaypacha, we can actually turn our learning into action and truly evolve. That amazing river, flowing constantly, twisting and turning, like a never ending labyrinth….Reminding us that Life flows endlessly, silently. Strong and certain. I am reminded of a beer commercial ( of all things ) that used two words – Hold True. How simple yet profound. The yin/yang truth of Life. Holding the ever changing Truth of the present moment.
    Looking forward to this Solstice with anticipation and commitment to a bigger 2018.
    Thank youKaypacha for the joy of your words and the reflection of your wonderous environment.
    So Grateful for the gifts you share. Namaste! Be well and Happy.

  4. It’s Sunday when I listened to the pele’ report for 12/13/17.
    Just before starting the video, I put my mind to concentrate on a plan for the next 24 days. My idea was to discover a message in the first letters of a list of tasks I wish to put into daily practice (am/pm).
    After creating the list and unscrambling the letters, I found the yiddish word, mamesh, which means “really, very truly” and the separate word prow, which means “above the waterline, in the front section” or “WOW!”
    From PROW MAMESH, I created a daily practice for myself which will lead me the front, where I can breathe deeply, (head above water) find truth, and be wowed by it.

  5. Correction:
    Mamesh means WOW!, Prow is a word which originated from a slang word for brother or the front of the boat which is above the waterline.
    I mistakenly said prow means wow.

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